How To Plan Your Instagram And TikTok Content Calendar

Planning an Instagram-TikTok content calendar and actually sticking with it is one of the best ways for continuous growth. If you have a foolproof method that helps you keep track with both platforms to meet your marketing goals, then you’ll see your audience growth skyrocket in no time! This article will give you everything you need to build a successful content calendar for Instagram and TikTok. 

What Is A Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media content calendar is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a calendar marketers create to schedule and organize content across platforms, whether this is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and in this case, Instagram and Tiktok. 

Each entry in a social media content calendar usually includes the following elements:

  • The date and time the post is going live
  • Which social network and account the post will be published
  • The creative assets (photos or videos) and copy of the post 
  • The links and tags that the post should include
  • Other relevant information like whether the post will be a feed post, a reel, or a Story 

There are different ways to create a social media content calendar. One is through the traditional pen-and-paper route, much like a physical planner or a printed calendar. You can also use Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets. Both are effective basic ways to get started. Another way is to use social media management tools and apps that are usually more efficient. 

Why Is A Content Calendar Important?

Having a carefully planned and crafted content calendar helps you stay on top of your posts and strategy. You get to plan and schedule your content way in advance to know exactly what content you would need and when you need it published on Tiktok and Instagram. This way, you work smarter, not harder. You free up more time within your workweek and stay on top of content across your Instagram-TikTok realm by posting consistently. 

Why You Need To Give Importance To Instagram And TikTok 

With over 2 billion active users combined, it’s undeniable that Instagram and TikTok have had a significant impact on the social media landscape. The short-form video content on TikTok and Instagram via Instagram reels has risen in popularity with massive growth in engaged and active users. That’s why today, the Instagram-TikTok platform blend is the best way to reach potential customers and successfully promote your business.  

To take advantage of the growing trend in video marketing, try checking out Instagram and TikTok users who have gone viral. Benchmarking what type of content they create and when they schedule their posts will give you insight into how you can promote your business effectively by increasing your profile views. 

How To Plan Your Instagram And TikTok Content Calendar (Step-by-Step Guide)

Your Instagram-TikTok content calendar outlines your social media strategy. It’s also one of the tactics you’ll need to achieve your marketing goals. Here’s our 5-step process to creating a well-planned content calendar. 

1. Choosing the right platform/tool for planning and scheduling content

As marketers, you need social media scheduling tools to queue up your posts. The right tools will help your overall social media content management process and improve your efficiency. Since Tiktok and Instagram are two different platforms, there are platforms recommended for TikTok and tools and schedulers for Instagram that fit the platforms’ characteristics. You can choose any tool from the list. The important thing is the platform you choose should help you build consistency, spot gaps, and stay on track with your content strategy. 

2. Prepare a content library of your assets (images, videos, etc)

Setting up your content library is as important as your social media calendar. A content library of your creative assets is similar to what other people call digital asset banks, content repositories, or media resource databases. However you want to call it, the point is, you should have a supply of visual and audio content that is properly organized. 

Use your company’s internal network, database software, Google Drive, or Dropbox to create your social media content library. Having everything you need in one place will mean less searching around, so you work more efficiently. 

3. List down your content ideas

Whether you choose to use images, memes, infographics, quotes, collages, short- or longer-form videos, or others, social media content provides users a quick and easy way to consume content. Good content is creative, and it has a unique way of engaging and communicating with your audience that’s meant to be valuable, inspiring, and exciting at the same time. To gain more followers and grow engagement rates, here are some content ideas to try: 

  • Social media challenges
  • Dance videos
  • Collaborations with influencers 
  • Videos on trending hashtags
  • Live videos
  • Share User-generated content
  • Videos that share valuable thought leadership 
  • Art videos
  • Song imitations
  • Dialogue reenactments
  • Cute animal videos
  • Action shots
  • Lifestyle shots 
  • Behind-the-Scenes videos
  • Before-and-After videos
  • Calming or satisfying videos (Think ASMR)
  • Voiceover videos
  • Science experiments
  • Makeover videos
  • AMA (Ask me Anything) Videos 
  • Tutorials
  • Workout videos
  • Create a photo collage
  • Food or cooking videos
  • Freeze-frame videos
  • Interview videos with an industry leader, celebrity, influencer, or prominent personality

4. Decide on post frequency and the best time to post 

Once you’ve figured out which type of content to create, the next question to ask is, “How often should I be posting content to Instagram and TikTok?” It’s critical to know when is the best time to post on Instagram or TikTok. Knowing what time and how many times you should be posting guarantees that you’re reaching your audiences at the right time and in the right ways. In addition, since every social media platform is unique, testing and analyzing your results is essential.

5. Fill out your calendar with content

The next and final step to creating your social media content calendar is to fill it with content daily, weekly, or monthly. But when you plot out your posts, they shouldn’t be random. Think of your audience. Ask yourself, “What do users need?” “What do they want,”  or “What questions are they asking?” The content you fill out your calendar should primarily be shareable types of content that provide value.

Your Social Media Calendar Should Add To Your Social Presence 

Now that you know the best way to create your Instagram-Tiktok content calendar, you can schedule your social media content way in advance. But remember, you’ll need to keep monitoring the performance of each of your posts and study how your audience engages with the content you created. Interact with your followers, too. This does so much in growing your following and establishing your social presence. 

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