Here Are Your Best Alternatives to Netflix (2021)

We are listing the best alternatives to Netflix: From Prime Video to Disney+, you have many other options for high-quality streaming.

Best Alternatives to Netflix

No matter what online service you are using, it is important to have alternatives – monopoly is not good for the end-user. This even applies to iGaming promotions – before using a promo, you need to compare the USA Casino No Deposit Bonus 2021 offers to find the one that suits you best. That’s why we decided to list the best alternatives to Netflix, perhaps the most popular streaming service. If you want to make a change, see below what your best options are. 

Prime Video – Amazon

Amazon Prime Video is one of Netflix’s biggest competitors, and it’s almost the same in terms of content – it includes hundreds of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. We can also say that the price (at least for the basic membership) is more affordable. Moreover, in many countries, Prime Cargo (free delivery) is included in the membership fee. But if you’re looking for interactive shows and additional services, Prime Video may not be enough. “Netflix will continue to be popular for a long time as it enters the gaming industry,” says Tony Sloterman, Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder. “Right now, you can find Netflix-branded games on the Android platform, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make their way into the iGaming industry – the variety it offers is one of the main reasons for Netflix’s popularity.” In addition, you have to pay an additional fee to access many movies and TV shows on Prime Video, the scope of the basic membership is quite limited.

CBS All Access

CBS channel has many legendary productions, Star Trek comes first among them. You can find dozens of CBS series and movies that have achieved legendary status over the years on this streaming service. The live CBS channel is also part of the package, with a basic membership starting at just $5.99. If you want to watch without ads, you have to pay $9.99. It is not available outside the US and Canada, but it is one of the most content-rich streaming services in these two countries. 


If you want quality and original content and paying $14.99 per month is not a problem for you, HBO Max may be the best Netflix alternative. There are many legendary shows such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and Westworld on the platform, and HBO has been known for the quality of the content it has produced for years. However, it has two problems – its price is too high, and its content outside the US is very limited. But if you live in the US and price isn’t an issue for you, it’s definitely an alternative you should try.


Hulu is one of the oldest streaming services and has been around since 2007. It was originally a service created for re-runs of TV shows but has been operating as a real streaming service since 2010. It has approximately 44 million subscribers and is a Disney-owned brand. It features new & old movies and series, also offers its own productions called “Hulu Originals”. The problem is that there are ads in the basic membership package, and you have to purchase channels such as Showtime, Starz, Cinemax as a separate “add-on”. If you don’t have a budget problem, it offers a very satisfying service in the top membership package, but the starter packages are hardly enough.

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