5 Disney Classic Games of All Times

Disney is one of the most famous animation studios in the world, with its films being loved by people of all ages. Disney brings us into a magical world where anything is possible and adventure awaits at every turn. It has released many games to accompany their movies which have been enjoyed for years. 

With the addition of the Disney Plus streaming app, the access to movies has never been easier worldwide. Whether you live in a supported or a geo-restricted country, access is always possible with the help of a VPN. Imagine playing a Disney game on your PS4 while being able to watch the same movie on your device, sounds remarkable, doesn’t it? 

As they say old is gold, we have compiled the list of 5 Disney classic games of all times that you can enjoy to-date:

1) Peter Pan

This game was developed alongside Walt Disney’s animated film “Peter Pan”. You play as both Peter Pan and Tinker Bell who must retrieve Wendy, John and Michael Darling before Captain Hook can get them. The gameplay consists mostly of side-scrolling platforming during which you must use your sword or pixie dust ability to fight enemies either on foot or while flying through the skies. There are also minigames during which you fly around Neverland collecting stars.

The game is great because it has two good modes, one good player character and lots of levels.

2) The Lion King

This game was developed alongside Walt Disney’s animated film “The Lion King”. You play as Simba who must defeat his uncle Scar in order to take his place as the rightful king of the Pride Lands. The gameplay consists mostly of side-scrolling action/adventure during which you travel around on foot or on your steed, collect items and fight enemies with your claws. There are also driving levels in which you race against other characters for bonuses.

The Lion King Game is a great game to play because it has the same storyline as the film. This means that you will be able to experience the full story of Simba and Scar taking place in The Pride Lands. You also get to explore different places around the world.

3) Cinderella

The story about an unlucky young girl who is forced into servitude by her evil stepmother and stepsisters who dreams of a better life and her fairy godmother and has the magic over everyone in the kingdom that can turn anything into something else

The reason you should play the Cinderella game is because there are 10 different mini games that will keep your interest up. Also at any time during the mini-games, if you don’t like what you’re doing, simply press start and choose another activity! That’s right, no penalties or having

4) Aladdin

It is an Action game, developed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment Inc. and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment Inc., which was released in 1993. Players control Aladdin who needs to go through many stages to defeat Jafar and regain his freedom. The game is similar to Capcom’s Disney themed side-scrolling action platform video games that were released during the same era.

One of the reasons why this game is so popular is because it is an action game where the player controls Aladdin. Another reason for this game’s popularity is that it has a very interesting storyline. A final reason for the game’s popularity among players is that it was released in 1993, which means that fans are able to enjoy not only new games but also some old classics.

5) The Little Mermaid 

Ariel’s story game is an Adventure game, which was released in 1992. The game is about Ariel taking you to see her father King Triton the ruler of the sea kingdom Atlantica after she saw Eric at the surface world. She must retrieve 7 pearls scattered across Atlantica before it’s too late!

The reason you should play The Little Mermaid game is because there are a lot of cool obstacles and challenges that you will have to overcome. You are sure to have a lot of fun with this great classic game.


It’s important to know that Disney is a company that has been in the business of creating games for more than 50 years. They have created some of the most memorable games in history. From board games to video game consoles, from playing games online to playing on consoles, Disney’s gaming offerings are sure to please any age group or gamer type.  They’ve been around since the early days and have brought joy and entertainment for years with their classic games! With so many options at your disposal, it can be difficult deciding which one you should play first! But, the above mentioned games will always keep you hooked.

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