Top 5 Writing Skills You Will Need in College

Writing is one of the most important skills that you will need for your future career. As you prepare for college, it’s crucial that you become efficient with your writing skills so that you’ll be able to complete assignments in college without too much trouble. Luckily, writing is something that can be learned and improved upon over time.

Just to prepare you, here are the top 5 writing skills you will need in college:

1) Making outlines for writing projects.

Writing out an outline can be a great way to organize writing ideas so they flow more smoothly on paper. This also allows writers to see what content needs expanding or reducing before writing even begins. Outlines do not have to follow certain categories either; it is up to the writer how detailed he/she wants each section of his/her topic sentence to be.

An outline is important because if done right, its completion could mean the difference between writing an award-winning or an average writing assignment.

2) Using proper writing mechanics

Using writing mechanics, such as capitalizing the first letter of a sentence and using periods correctly, is important to writing an effective paper. Not only can poor writing mechanics make reading tedious, but it could also place blame on you for making careless mistakes. This turns into a double whammy if your instructor assigns grades at the end by weighting writing mechanics more than content!

Many writing instructors will penalize students heavily for not following writing mechanics guidelines found in their textbooks or syllabi. So be careful with this skill because too much bad grammar/punctuation might get you a lower grade than expected.

3) Writing good college papers

One of the most common types of writing assignments in college is writing a research paper. What makes writing research papers so difficult for some people is the amount of writing mechanics involved, but also due to writing an original idea on a topic that probably has 20 other papers written about it already. This means writing instructors and teachers will expect you to provide new and insightful writing ideas even though your paper could be one of many.

College writing instructors and assistants often ask students to use transition words and phrases such as “however” or “moreover”. These transitional words can help guide readers through an essay because they allow them to understand how one paragraph relates to the next. But before deciding to use help from the online writing helper we recommend see some LegitimateEssayWriting’s reviews.

4) Mastering writing assignments

Some students never learn how to write well because their writing assignments are too easy. If your instructor constantly assigns writing topics that are not difficult for you, try writing about a topic you actually enjoy. For example, if one of your writing assignments is to write a paper comparing and contrasting two books, maybe writing about books that sound interesting to you will allow writing to flow more smoothly.

Before writing any assignment always ask yourself “would I read this if I didn’t have to?” If the answer is no, then chances are so will your instructor/teacher. This goes back to what was said earlier: writing instructors often weigh writing mechanics more than content when judging writing quality.

5) Keeping focus during long writing assignments

Writing research papers or term papers can be very tedious because they require the writer to stay focused and on track throughout the entire process. This can be difficult for some people because writing research papers sometimes takes several weeks to complete due to the fact that researchers must conduct their own studies and experiments. Sometimes writing an essay on a topic you hate might seem even worse than writing one on a topic you enjoy if it means having to start over from square one.

So writing instructors will often give writing assignments that are not too long or too short in order to protect the writer from losing interest towards the end of the writing process. One word of caution though: try not to get distracted when writing lengthy essays because your concentration span is bound to decrease as time passes.


In conclusion, writing is a skill that college students will need in order to succeed at school. Yes, there will be times where writing instructors will be more concerned with writing mechanics than content, but writing well should always be stressed first and foremost. That’s why writing mechanics is the number one writing skill you should try to master for college.

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