Tips & Tricks: Perfect Business Card For Your Personal Or Commercial Brand

If you have a business, you obviously want to promote it. If you are a creative person, you want to tell the world about yourself. There are a huge number of methods and ways to promote a business, both in the service sector and in the production of material things, and to promote your personal brand. And above all, it is graphic design, namely business cards.

A business card is not just a communication tool for business people and an element of corporate style, but also a criterion for the owner’s taste. By the way, we can learn something about a businessman by how his card is made, how beautiful, practical and durable it is. In addition, it is a generally accepted fact that business cards, despite their small size, are one of the most effective and convenient marketing tools.

Don’t forget that this printed product is often taken out of a business card holder or pocket, so one of the main rules for creating business cards is that they shouldn’t quickly worsen. In particular, lamination was invented to protect business cards against damage, moisture, creases.

It doesn’t matter whether you order the production and design of cards from an agency or do everything yourself using a free business card mockup – you should definitely know what the perfect card should look like. In this article, we show you some tricks to help you create the perfect business card.

Trick 1

It is better to type on one side: the reverse is often used for handwritten notes. At the same time, you should not use a variety of colors: a black and white card with colored splashes of corporate logos is a classic of the genre, but maybe you should show a little creativity?

Trick 2

A modest design is a basis for success – any designer will confirm. Minimalism has been in trend for a long time and won’t go out of it. There is no need to try to insert three scientific degrees, four previous positions, five qualifications, and ten contact phones in a small space.

A standard business card contains the first and last names, a current position, phone number, and e-mail of the owner. That is a necessary and quite sufficient minimum. Otherwise, the interlocutor will simply get confused in contacts and will most likely throw the card into the trash can.

Trick 3

If you are in a niche where you and your business are the same, then using your photography might not be a bad idea. This technique should be used with great care and never use a “passport photo”.

Trick 4

If you can afford the extra expense, having a unique business card is a great subject of discussion when meeting someone for the first time or negotiating with an important client.

Nevertheless, we recommend you keep the standard size of a business card 90 * 50 mm for everyday use. And, in case of important negotiations, print a small additional package of really unique business cards.

Trick 5

Promotional phrases are considered bad practices and irritate the interlocutor. Today nobody believes slogans like “Buy from us because we offer a unique product at the lowest price”. You must prove your worth by deeds, not sayings.

In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all perfect business card. For everyone, it is ideal in its own way. All the variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and methods of making business cards follow the goals:

  • To draw attention.
  • Deliver the most important information.
  • Be interesting and original.

A business card with information about the owner, data about the company is an essential indicator of the image, a factor of trust among customers and partners. Thus, the well-designed business card doesn’t display your contact information only – it promotes and stimulates further relationships and business cooperation. An eye-catching business card design is a crucial factor in your future success.

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