Maintaining a Sensible Budget as a Student Can Be Easy – Here’s Why

One of the steepest challenges for any student is maintaining a workable budget that you can stick to. It is no secret that life as a college student can lead to some hard times financially, but this is arguably an opportunity to learn how to manage your money effectively and ensure what cash you have goes a long way. 

On the surface, sticking to a workable budget as a student seems impossible, considering the steep student fees, living costs, temptations within your social life and a potentially patchy income stream. 

However, once you analyze the practical realities of sticking to a budget, you quickly realize that it is entirely possible to make it work, and still do many of the pastimes you enjoy.

This is why maintaining a sensible budget as a student can be easy:

Search for the best deals whenever you make a purchase

Maintaining a realistic budget is all about adhering to a few simple principles. One of the most fun principles is to search for the best deals in all areas of your life. While it can be easier to pay top price for an item, the small savings you make by finding a better deal elsewhere can quickly add up over time. 

For example, you will likely need to buy a computer at some point during the course of your university life. Ordinarily, you would search online for the computer you want, and buy it. However, this would be ignoring the many deals to be had with computers for students. Search for specific deals and incentives, which may end up saving you a considerable amount of money.

Don’t spend all your money in one area

Another tip you should remember when it comes to following a budget as a student is to spread your money around in a balanced way. There is little worse than spending your week’s allowance on a night out or on new clothes, when you haven’t paid your rent or bought your weekly groceries. 

Assign a certain amount of money to each area you need or want to spend it in, being realistic about how much you are going to need. It will help you to stay balanced in your spending and prevent you from leaving yourself vulnerable financially.

Consider using public transport

In order to save money, you may have to forgo a few luxuries. If you live in a college town, one of the simplest ways of saving money is to use public transport, rather than drive a car.

As long as you can get to class on time and you remain safe, using public transport can end up saving you a noticeable amount of money over the course of a year, especially if you opt for a student pass or annual discount. 

The small payments add up

One of the most powerful lessons to learn about student budgeting is that the small payments quickly become a lot larger over time. 

While you might think it is an expensive one-off purchase that ruins a yearly budget, the reality is that if you are making frequent small payments on items, you simply don’t need, such as an expensive coffee or membership, you will end up losing a lot of money in the long term.

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