Why The Market Value Of Bitcoin Keeps Increasing?

As of August 2021, bitcoin has halted nearly touched the milestone of $50000 once again, but what are the prominent explanation behind the gradual increase of bitcoin’s price. Bitcoin might sound like an investment asset to you at the very first instance, but actually, bitcoin is not an investment asset or stock. 

Bitcoin was originated by a Japanese inventor named Satoshi Nakamoto. He underlined bitcoin as an electronic cash system in the white paper of bitcoin, which is still officially published on a website named bitcoin.org.

Every investor in the marketplace has witnessed the stunning growth of bitcoin in terms of market value, market cap, and trading volume. Still, one is actually familiar with the actual reasons behind the sudden surge of bitcoin. There are websites like bitcoincircuit.cloud that can help you get profitable and magnificent results in your bitcoin expedition.  Below mentioned are some of the prominent reasons why the value of bitcoin keeps increasing, so what are you waiting for? Let’s have a glance.        

Bitcoin Halving 

To acknowledge why the value of bitcoin keeps inclining, you must be aware of the concept of bitcoin halving. You might be familiar with that bitcoin infrastructure is subjected to merely a finite supply, unlike fiat currencies. The supply of bitcoin is merely limited to 21 million bitcoin units. To understand why bitcoin is subjected to a finite supply, you must be familiar with the basic concept of bitcoin halving. 

Bitcoin mining is the progression of adding new bitcoin units into circulation, and only that miner avail bitcoin as the block reward who solves the complex math puzzle at the very first instance to validate the transactions. Subsequent to verifying the transactions, that explicit miner either pool or solo attains the block reward. Block reward of bitcoin mining at the first instance was 50 bitcoin units, and a miner verified the transaction cost. 

Bitcoin halving is underlined as the progression of halving bitcoin mining block reward into half once the miner mines 210,000 blocks. Mining of 210,000 blocks nearly consumes four years. As established ahead, bitcoin is subjected to a capped supply. The core notion of block reward halving elongates the supply for a very long period rather than just terminating the supply in few years. 

Bitcoin halving proves the scarcity of bitcoin as it declines the supply of bitcoin units after every four explicit years. Less supply leads to higher demand which further is responsible for an increment in the value of bitcoin. All the more, the bitcoin price surged by an enormous amount after every possible block reward halving. A moreover limited supply of bitcoin alongside block reward halving assist bitcoin in giving a hedge to inflation as the rate of inflation in bitcoin after the utmost recent bitcoin halving is just 1.7%. 

Institutional Adoption   

Bitcoin is majorly popular amongst average people due to its store value as everyday bitcoin appears in the headlines after touching a new astonishing milestone in terms of market value and market capitalization. 

One of the prominent, why bitcoin is experiencing a metric rise in-store value is institutional involvement. Several multinational companies and gigantic firms have converted a considerable amount of balance sheets into bitcoin rather than retaining cash. The leading public investors such as micros strategy, square, tesla motors, and galaxy trading have converted a significant amount of holding in bitcoin. 

Rather than just buying bitcoin or any other digitalized coinage, some renowned companies such as PayPal have correspondingly allowed users to invest resources in crypto commencing their platform. The institutional involvement of cryptocurrency is spreading like a forest fire, and the adoption of bitcoin is correspondingly influencing other investors and traders to invest in bitcoin, and this contributes to the market value of bitcoin.  


Bitcoin was utilized primarily to buy drugs virtually, and now bitcoin has evolved to a new flanged monetary system or complex which allows you to make transactions with extreme transparency rendered by the blockchain. Earlier, the accessibility of bitcoin was a bit hard, but the accessibility of bitcoin at the instance is exceedingly easy. In a nutshell, bitcoin has matured to an exceeding extent over a period of time.

These are some of the potential reasons why the bitcoin price is constantly increasing. 

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