Compromising on a bedroom set with a roommate in a shared bedroom

The masses are returning to college, and you may not have been as prepared as you thought. Perhaps your apartment or dorm didn’t come with adequate furnishings to accommodate your belongings, or perhaps you and your roommate only have limited space and need to consolidate your furnishings.

In any case, sharing a bedroom, especially with someone new, can be more than a bit daunting. You have to learn how to compromise so that the needs of both parties are met without causing undue stress on the other roommate. One of the things that you may need to compromise on is a bedroom set. 

Before jumping on a bed set for college, consider these factors:

You can get a bed set without the beds.

If you’re in a dorm or semi-furnished apartment, you probably won’t need a bed for your living arrangements. But don’t let that stop you from getting a matched bedroom set that you and your roommate can enjoy together. There are many other pieces that you can get in a bedroom furniture set, including nightstands, desks, chairs, vanities with bedroom benches, and more.

Get two nightstands.

Most bedroom sets only come with one nightstand automatically. Otherwise, you have to purchase them individually. If you and your roommate have agreed on a furniture set, you can order the extra nightstand and each roommate can pay for their own. That way when it is time to move out there are no arguments about who takes what.

Get both a vanity with a bedroom bench and a desk. 

Both of these pieces serve very distinct purposes, and it can be helpful to get them both and share them between you as needed. Of course, you could also opt to just get two desks and chairs instead. If you do decide to get both a vanity and a desk, discuss ahead of time who will take which upon parting ways.

Choosing a dresser or chest of drawers

If you don’t have a lot of room in your apartment or dorm, you might want to get just one chest of drawers or dresser and share it between the two of you. If you do have enough room for two smaller dressers it will solve the problem of who takes the dresser later.

Choose a cohesive color scheme and decor style

You and your roommate will have different tastes, and of course, there is nothing wrong with each of you showing your own style and favorite colors. But if those colors and styles contrast significantly, it will give a harsh discomfort to the room that will make it difficult to relax or study. 

Eclectic, shabby chic, modern, or industrial styles are generally preferred for dorms and small apartments. Of these, eclectic and shabby chic blend well, and modern with industrial design elements also works. Do some research into to see examples of furniture sets for the bedroom to learn the difference between contrasting and clashing.

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