5 Tips For College Students to Prepare for Final Exams

If there is one period of time that stresses college students, it is final exam season. As the school year comes to a close, professors and academic mentors wrap up the year by giving students exams or projects to see what they have learned throughout the semester. For many, this time is not as stressful but for others, it is an important time. Throughout the academic careers of students, they have found new ways to study and time management and some have not been able to crack the code on what works best. Here are some tips for struggling college students to help to study for finals a bit easier.




As someone who is a visual learner, I believe a physical copy of flashcards is beneficial for studying because you can elaborate or make notes on what to remember and it is an easy way to quiz yourself on the subject matter. You can not only study in the traditional format but also attempt to come up with clever games to play to understand the material. Even dividing up the days to study with the flashcards to study is not a bad habit to get used to as well.

Make a schedule


Making a schedule or to-do list of what material or courses to prepare for gives you a backbone on what your day is going to look like. You can also write on how long you plan on studying the materials for or just simply plan in advance so the days ahead you have some idea on what to do for the day. This can be a physical calendar, a to-do list, the notes app on any Apple product or simply a piece of loose-leaf paper will do the trick. Any idea is great as long it sets you up for what needs to be done for the day


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