5 Movies That Took Inspiration From Disney’s Jungle Cruise

With every new big Hollywood release, comes a begging question of the influences that the project took from. This tactic is not a foreign concept; filmmakers from generations on end have used different types of media and incorporated them in their own projects while attempting not to copy or rip off the property. Recently, filmmakers and showrunners have been using different types of media to influence their work from video games to even manga. Recently, the latest Disney blockbuster Jungle Cruise has hit theaters and Disney+ and many are wondering what films have taken influence from the film.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The be all end all of the adventure films. Steven Spielberg’s high octane 80’s classic has been incorporated in this film due to its quippy dialogue from its leads and large and expansive landscapes. Jungle Cruise as well as Raiders has it all. The comedic leads, the over-the-top action set pieces, the romantic tension between both stars, and its charisma. What more could you ask for.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates franchise was the backbone series for Disney upon their initial releases. Based on the theme park ride, this mega-budget series brought wit, charm, and a career-defying performance from Johnny DeppJungle Cruise expects to bring that same energy but for a new generation of Disney fans. You have two of the biggest stars of the world combined with a set filled with crazy effects and jaw-dropping set-pieces. This will sure bring fans back to a time where Disney would go hard on the over-the-top and the whimsical.

Romancing The Stone

The 1984 swashbuckling adventure combines entertaining performances, whimsical and exciting action, and an interesting dynamic between leads Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Jungle Cruise and Romancing The Stone both have that added bonus of having two big-name stars with a big-name filmmaker to draw the crowd. Plus with the tropical jungle setting make room for some fun action scenes. I mean its from the same director as Back to the Future, what more can you ask for?


Hopefully Jungle Cruise does not bomb like this film did but Waterworld is a fun action spectacle known for its interesting world buidling, fun characters and over the top set pieces. The production nightmare is infamous among moviebuffs and cost the studio hundreds of dollars. If there is one thing I love about big blockbusters its the world inside of them, and Kevin Costner has the audience dive into the world and The Rock has the audience introduce us into the 1916’s South America.

The African Queen 

This 1950’s classic combines the hottest stars of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn into a globe-trotting classic that is still talked years after its release. Sure, Jungle Cruise won’t make the biggest splash like this classic did but it’ll surely be talked about among some of the most fun movies of the year.

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