The 7 iPhone Apps That You’ll Wish You Downloaded Sooner 

Mobile apps have made our lives easier in numerous ways, but sometimes the sheer number of them makes it hard to pick out the gems. 

The Apple Store is a treasure trove of useful gizmos, so we’ve picked out seven of the handiest apps that will help to make your life easier – and make you wish you’d downloaded them months ago. 


A calculator may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about design awards, but Calzy landed a prize from Apple which recognized its sleek format and attractive aesthetic.

As well as the typical calculator functions, you can save and label important data, like a spending budget, for example. Calzy also includes 3D touch support, scientific functions and bookmarking ― not bad for a few dollars.

Just Press Record 

Are you a serial note-taker? Just Press Record makes this as easy as possible. Instead of unlocking your phone, finding the right app and then writing down your must-do list, JPR lets you fire up a recording with just one tap while on the move. 

This app is perfect for those tasks that spring to mind when you’re out and about: grocery lists, drinks with friends, or buying this week’s lottery ticket

There’s a one-time payment of $4.99, but its added features include a transcription service between languages and spoken punctuation commands, so for those who use it every day, it’s well worth it. 


Mobile ads can be pretty aggressive, and there are many online guides on how to block them, but 1Blocker puts most other blockers in the shade with its powerful and easy-to-use service. It will fight pop-up ads and trackers, and also help to keep your privacy as high as possible. 

The free version is good enough to substantially increase your mobile security, but some people choose a paid upgrade that you can use over multiple devices. You might also get a free trial of this every now and then as one of 1Blocker’s promo campaigns. 


It’s not all about Photoshop. While the one of the original photo-editing tools is an incredible invention, other options like Photoleap are a little more accessible to newbies — and cheaper.

Photoleap, formerly known as Enlight Photofox, combines the stunning range of the iPhone camera’s colors and tones with state-of-the-art filters and effects to create jaw-dropping images. Already popular with creative types, it has won awards for its design and usability.

You can get some effects free, which may be enough for many people, but $6.99 gets you the full range. Happy editing!

Carrot Weather 

Live in a rainy place? Well, get ready to be mocked by your phone. That’s right, Carrot Weather isn’t your normal weather app: it will provide you accurate forecasts but will also laugh at you if you’re expecting a downpour.

That’s because the narrator is a slightly crazy AI, whose reaction to the data depends on what’s on the radar. It’s both entertaining and informative, providing facts and figures about your location, as well as a bundle of customization options which let you choose how you want to receive the weather news. 

Version 5 recently arrived in the App Store and, judging by the app’s growing popularity, we’ll probably see many more updates over the next few years.


Fitness apps have exploded in popularity since the start of the pandemic as many people struggle to find the motivation after being in the same spot all day. 

What makes Wakeout stand out, though, is that it adjusts its suggested workouts according to what you’re doing at that exact moment. Its library of 1,500 exercises includes routines to do while sitting down, or even lying in bed, and you can schedule workouts for later in the day if you know you’re going to be in a particular place. 

It’s also extremely welcoming to casual users, including easy routines such as ‘Wind Down’ that you can do last thing in the day. Apple even named it their iPhone App of the Year, so Wakeout must be doing something right. 


Skiplagged is perfect for travellers looking for a bargain flight. You just put in your origin and target location, and it finds the cheapest options – but there’s also a nice added extra. It looks for flights with layovers at your choice destination, so you can simply get off there rather than continuing with the second leg of the journey and save cash in the process.

However, you might have guessed the downside to this. You won’t be able to take any checked-in baggage with you as that would have to complete the whole journey, so you have to travel light. If you’re happy with that, though, you could find some gems.

Skiplagged also finds last-minute hotel deals, including special offers, so you might find yourself booking a package deal in just a few clicks.

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