5 Stoner Gifts to Improve Your Wake and Bake Weed Smoking Sessions

Wake and bake weed smoking sessions first thing in the morning are a sacred stoner ritual. There’s nothing like watching the sun come up over a hot cup of coffee and a lit joint. Sure, it’s not the most productive way to start a day. But sometimes you just need to mellow things out!

If you love your morning wake and bakes, you would probably be interested in improving them. And don’t worry, we understand that improving the ol’ wake and bake is probably not something you think of often. 

So, we’ve put together 5 of the best weed-related products that are sure to take your mornings up a notch!

5 Products for Improving the Morning Wake and Bake

  1. Find ways to enjoy your coffee and weed simultaneously. And no, we don’t mean light a joint while holding a cup of coffee. A new product is growing in popularity that is meant for the wake and bake. That product is the coffee mug and weed bowl combo. That’s right, these coffee mugs have a marijuana pipe built right into them. And the pipes actually work! Our favorite of these new products is the cheeseburger mug and weed pipe combo. But there are tons of styles for you to choose from online. 
  2. Get comfortable with some Crocs. And make sure they’re weed Crocs! Let’s face it, Crocs are comfortable. Sure, they aren’t the most stylish thing for your feet. But when you buy Crocs with the weed leaf print, you bring style to you. 
  3. Stay warm in a stoner hoodie. We very highly recommend going with the “Wakin’ Bakin’” novelty stoner hoodie. It reminds you of Dunkin’ Donuts, but is restyled to be all about smoking grass early in the morning. You can easily find sizes for both men and women available online. 
  4. Do some journaling. Starting the day off with a little journaling is a very healthy habit. And when you’re smoking weed and drinking coffee in the morning light, you can get very deep. This stoner Buddha weed journal is a perfect place for you to put your high thoughts. You’ll look back on this and be happy you did! 
  5. Light a candle and vibe out. Usually, we prefer lighting candles in the evening. But sometimes it’s nice to ease into the day with a joint and a lit candle. Why not go with a weed scented candle to celebrate the wake and bake occasion?

If you like any of these amazing wake and bake tools, visit Best Stoner Gifts to make your purchase!

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