Gardening Tactics of Tomato-logy: A Complete Guide 

Are you looking to plant tomatoes in your home, but you don’t have the luxury of a spacious yard? Do you only have space for one plant in your house? Do you have available containers and pots you don’t use? 

Well, if you’ve answered positively to the questions above, there is a way to plant your tomatoes with just a little space from containers. Here, we’re ready to help you know how and where to grow the perfect tomatoes, fit to use in salads, canning, pizza sauces, or even soups. By understanding these do’s and don’ts when growing tomatoes in pots, you learn the basics of tomato-logy:

Indeterminate And Determinate Varieties

Before knowing how to plant a tomato per se, you must understand the different varieties – indeterminate and determinate. You can determine its type simply by how it grows, develops, and behaves.

Indeterminate plants bear and produce fruits all season. The same goes for determinate plants, but it remains smaller and has a rougher habit. When growing new tomatoes, you can also determine the variety by the growing tip. If its end has a flower bud, then it’s probably determinate. On the other hand, if your tomato has leaves in the ever-increasing bud, then it’s indeterminate.

Pot Planting Tomatoes

Planting these red and juicy fruits without the luxury of an expansive garden won’t stop the inner gardener among us – as tomatoes can be grown in pots and containers. By doing so, you still obtain a fruitful bounty with just a little space.

Likewise, the only thing you need to make sure of is to prepare the container you want to plant your tomato seeds in and to give the budding plant its best-growing environment. Thus, to know about the details of the said environment, continue reading down below and take note:

Container And Soil

If you don’t have ample space, you could always plant yours in containers. You only need to ensure that the pots are at least 20 inches across the top and 24 inches deep. Loose soil like sandy or loamy ground containing potassium and phosphorus can guarantee healthy soil for you. If you don’t have these, you could also use the ground in your yard and fix it with fertilizer to ease and satisfy your tomatoes. Additionally, it would help if you ensured that the seeds are ten feet apart to make sure that unwanted pests don’t get in the way of your growing tomatoes.


The vital part of watering your plants is to do it for at least one to two inches per week. By doing so, you secure another factor in your tomatoes’ thriving environment. You must also remember to put in the right amount of water in the soil as you wouldn’t want them to drown or die by putting too much. Always remember to water it at least 1-2 inches a week or more when necessary. 


You’re probably wondering what type of food tomatoes eat – and no, this doesn’t mean pizza or cereal. For tomatoes, you will need to mix soil with fertilizer. By doing so, you create a perfect ground acidity resulting in 5.5 to 7.5 pH. With this ideal combination of soil and fertilizer, you foster your plants to grow. Likewise, you should also remember that tomatoes are heavy feeders to fertilizers; but if your soil is rich enough for tomatoes to live in, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all. It is essential to put in such ingredients for better support in growing this unique plant. 


Don’t forget this next step because some tomatoes need this kind of support to produce such tasty products. We all know some plants need help from cages, stakes, or trellises, and it’s no shock that tomatoes need supporters too. If supports aren’t placed, risks could occur, resulting in the damage of growing roots. By failing to give support to your tomatoes, they may have trouble carrying their fruits. Thus, support can help the plant grow upward – as, without it, the plant may break, having an unsteady figure that can damage all possible fruits.

Pot Aftercare

After all this planting, you should not forget to clean and put away the items you used. Always remember to store all the gardening tools in the right places. You could even burn and throw away unwanted or dried plants that you no longer need. Lastly, be sure to clean the pots and containers. Since you can still reuse the leftover dirt and fertilizer the next time you decide on planting, don’t miss this process.


Tomatoes are unique plants that benefit us. It provides incredible dishes and products that help cuisine and even skincare. Not only are they beneficial for your overall health, but they could even be accessible anywhere. 

Likewise, you can freely plant them in pots and containers without any hassle. With the right environment, sunlight, soil, and support, you can quickly grow your desired tomatoes. So next time you have plans to plant, make sure to include tomatoes in your list.

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