Top E-Juice Flavours That Are Trending in 2021

The vape industry, or in other words, the industry of e-cigarettes, is thriving in 2021. It’s not only because of their popular design that e-cigarettes have filled the market. It’s also due to their potential to cause less harmful side effects than the conventional cigarettes that they’re thriving on.

If you want to equip yourself with top e-liquid flavors and enjoy the colorful variety of flavor choices, we suggest that you read further on. We’ve comprised a list of the most trending e-juice flavors this year, only to narrow down your research.

E-cigarettes or “vapes” now come in different shapes and sizes, and it is safe to say that they have become a fashion trend. Needless to say that the millennial generation is the one opting for them the most – the older generations are also giving it a try.

The numbers show that even in 2019, this industry was booming. The overall market size of the vape business was worth an astounding 12.41 billion at that time. With this information in mind, we may even make predictions for the future.

Between this year and the year 2027, it’s expected that the increase of this business will result in a 23% rise in the current net worth. The promising future for this business has led us to make a list of the best e- liquids for you.

List of Trending E-Juice Flavours in 2021

The quest for finding the best e-juice flavor for yourself is never-ending. We can’t say that this or that flavor is the best since the criteria are somewhat subjective. It would be like one person saying that a particular meal is the best, while the other thinks it’s abysmal.

Therefore, we’ve comprised a list of numerous trending flavors offered on the market. The list is based on different experiences of vapers put together for a better insight. So, which e-juices should you consider?

M.B.Y.C. by Sicboy

The Sicboy industry is located in Denver, Colorado, and is run by a couple of long-term friends and vapers who decided to start an e-liquid business. This particular e-juice is a combination of vanilla custard, ice cream, and pralines.

The taste is rich in flavor and is somewhat decadent. M.B.Y.C. got 1.8% of votes from a recent poll. That may sound slim at first, but we may have to remind you that this percentage is really hard to achieve. There is a vast set of choices out there, and this is, in fact, a good ranking.  

Cavendish Blend by Black Note

Cavendish offers the Black Note for those who want to feel the real tobacco taste. This taste is achieved by teeming tobacco leaves with PG and VG. PG, a two-letter mark is short for propylene glycol, and VG is short for vegetable glycerin.

The two of these compounds give the e-liquid its authentic tone, thus avoiding the artificial flavors usually added to most e-juices available on the market. Preserving a sweet and soft baseline, Cavendish Blend still has a distinctive aromatic tone to it.

Blue Voodoo by Mister-E-Liquid

This flavor, gaining 2.2% or 66 votes from a flavor poll, is definitely one of the top available e-liquids on the market. 

The flavor, in short, has a distinctively sweet, blueberry taste. The undertones, which are mysterious and follow along, are something that many users weren’t quite able to pin down.

Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny

This manufacturer is based in Texas and uses only American-made flavors for vapes. They value the high quality of their products above anything else.

Mother’s Milk will give you a smooth, creamy, and rich flavor, which has a touch of sweet strawberry you can sense as you exhale. The soothing feel it has to it will keep you away from feeling a headache while vaping. Worth a try, right?

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

Based in LA, Cuttwood offers Unicorn Milk to vapers who search for a blend of creams with a hint of strawberry. This flavor is especially great for those who want a more subtle tone, not excessive, but still fruity. 

The Wrap Up

We hope that this list helped you narrow down your choices when digging into the e-liquid palette. Naturally, each individual will have his or her preferences, which are purely subjective. However, with the thorough descriptions of each, you can speed up this searching procedure.

The vaping industry is definitely booming. There is indeed modernity attached to the whole idea, but that’s not the only reason. E-cigarettes are odorless, affordable, less harmful, and can cause fires like cigarette butts, which people leave unattended.

Good luck with your e-liquid search!

For all these reasons, and because there are many flavors to choose from, e-cigarettes are the booming business of the future. 

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