Top 10 Best Episodes of The Office

The Office is arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Its unusual approach to workplace comedy has made it beloved by audiences years after the series ended. I know I’m still a fan, as it still plays on at least television in my house every day. And so, today we’re going to look at the Top 10 Best Episodes of The Office.

(Spoilers Ahead!)

10. Goodbye Michael

We’re starting this list off with Michael’s last day in Scranton. He reconciles with every person in the office, and it’s arguably Michael at his best. The Office is known for its heartwarming moments, and this episode is full of them. If not for its unfinished subplots, this episode could’ve worked as the series finale.

9. Weight Loss

When corporate sponsors a weight loss contest for the whole company, everyone tries to lose weight in the funniest ways possible. But when they take things to the extreme, Michael and Holly try to help everyone stay healthy. But Michael’s way of doing so with “Michael Klump” is just too funny. We also get to see Jim unexpectedly propose to Pam at a gas station in the rain, making for one of the sweetest moments in the entire series.

8. Murder

When Dunder Mifflin is on the brink of bankruptcy, Michael tries to help everyone forget about it by playing a murder mystery game. But even when the game is over, Michael refuses to break character and keeps the game going. Everyone gets so deep into the game that it’s ridiculous, and their hilarious accents only make this episode perfect. Michael also shows his true skills as a leader in how he goes out of his way to keep everyone distracted.

7. Beach Games

This episode has Michael try to determine a new manager of the office in the sanest way possible: a competition at the beach. The cast takes part in events such as an egg-and-spoon race, a hot dog eating contest, a sumo-wrestling tournament, and of course, firewalking. Pam also harnesses her courage and pours her heart out to Jim, showing some significant growth in her character.

6. Niagara

This two-part episode follows the Scranton gang as they travel to Niagra Falls for Jim and Pam’s long-awaited wedding. The loving couple has trouble managing their dysfunctional co-workers, who end up getting into some gut-busting hijinks. In particular, Andy cuts his “naughty bits” on the dance floor, and Pam has to take him to the hospital. Despite all of these troubles, Jim and Pam end up having the perfect wedding, all capped off with the iconic dance down the aisle.

5. Goodbye Toby

Another two-parter, the Season 4 finale follows Michael celebrating Toby’s last day at the office, and he puts on an all-out bash. As he does so, sparks fly between him and Toby’s replacement, Holly, who brings out the good side in his character. At the same time, so many things happen in this episode: Toby leaves Scranton, Andy proposes to Angela, Ryan gets arrested, Michael finds out Jan is pregnant, and Dwight and Angela have an affair.

4. The Injury

Michael burns his foot on a Foreman Grill, and he expects everyone in the office to pamper to his every need. Meanwhile, Dwight gets a concussion that makes him act nicer to everyone in the office. Even if he’s suffering a severe brain injury, it’s sweet to watch Dwight and Pam grow closer as friends. Everything about this episode is comedic genius, but what really takes the cake is when Michael and Jim carry Dwight to the hospital, and the results are flat-out hilarious.

3. Branch Wars

When Stanley is given an offer to work in Utica, Michael and Dwight go out of their way to keep him in Scranton. This arguably the two of them at their most delusional and destructive. If Jim didn’t tag along with them in their goofball scheme, someone would’ve probably ended up dead or in prison. Thankfully, we got to see Jim out of his comfort zone as he tries to manage them both and hide from his ex, Karen. From their mustachioed disguises to Dwight cutting his naughty bits on a soda can, “Branch Wars” is a half an hour of workplace hilarity. 

2. Fun Run

This episode started Season 4 with Michael running over Meredith with his car. Afterward, Michael goes whatever he can to get the office to like him again, and he somehow make rabies a scapegoat. He then starts a charity run to raise awareness of said disease, and everyone joins in. Michael gets his hilarious comeuppance when he nearly runs himself to death after eating fettucini alfredo. Meanwhile, we finally get to see what Jim and Pam are like as a couple, making this episode even better.

1. Stress Relief

You had to know this was going to be Number 1. This episode became an instant classic right off the bat with its hilariously chaotic opening. From there, we get the office dancing as Michael practices on a CPR dummy, only for Dwight to cut it open and wears its face like Hannibal Lecter. How can you top that?

Though Michael tries to keep everyone relaxed, he soon learns that he is the cause of their stress. In an attempt to get everyone to blow off some steam, he hosts a comedy roast of himself. He then gets what he deserves when everyone in the office unleashes years of repressed rage on him. While Michael does reconcile with everyone by the end, it’s the twist ending surrounding Jim and Pam that’s The Office at its best.

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