Indicators of Overpaying for Life Insurance

Getting insurance is one of the best ways of making sure your family is well taken care of once you are gone. It gives you the reassurance that your loved ones have the resources to carry on without you. Just make sure that your focus is not solely on its benefits but take extra care so that you will not pay too much.  Here are some signs that your life insurance quote might be too high and some tips on how to lower it.

You are buying a policy for its potential cash value

If your insurance coverage is based upon what it can do for you while you are still alive, rather than on how it can assist your beneficiaries after you die then you might end up overpaying. Most permanent life policies steadily increase in cash value that you can withdraw in specific conditions but this kind of policy is generally expensive. If your concern is about having a retirement income or money for your children’s education then it is best to be covered with a term life policy that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. Its advantages are you pay lower premiums, beneficiaries will receive larger death payouts, and can be converted to whole life insurance.  A term life policy is a cheaper alternative and more practical solution to most people.

Your policy has expensive add-ons

Life insurance riders are additional benefits added to an insurance policy that often exact an additional premium payment. Some of the most common add-ons include Waiver of Premium Rider, where future premiums are waived if the insured loses their income due to injury or illness prior to a specified age or suffered a permanent disability. It is important for you to research how much more you are going to pay for this rider to make sure that the benefits far outweigh the cost. Another add-on is a Return-of-Premium-Rider, which calls for the insurance company to refund all premiums paid for a term policy if you are still alive when the policy expires. This is a case of bad use of money because the interest that you could have will not be included in your returned premiums. A third example of an add-on is Accidental Death Rider where it gives out an additional cash payment if you die in an accident but this rider is very limited and insurers have strict guidelines of coverage that if the death does not qualify then the extra amount will not be given.  

In deciding if you want to have additional riders in your term policy, take note that they are optional and come into force only if the specified event will occur. Do your math and as a rule of thumb, do not stretch your budget.

The policy’s premiums are not the same over the lifetime of a policy

When the premium of your policy increases every year, then there is a great possibility of overpaying. The best solution is to opt for a level term life insurance where your policy is for a set period of time, you pay monthly or annually and the premium and death benefits never change. Should you outlive the policy then you have the option to convert it into a permanent life policy that does include a cash value.


When a medical exam is deemed not necessary

When there is no medical exam required, your coverage options are more limited. Insurance companies use medical exams to determine the risk involved in insuring you but others don’t require a medical exam but do a process called accelerated underwriting where they make automated decisions based on the data about you and decide quickly if they will issue you a policy or not.  Some insurance companies take the risk by giving you the policy without medical exams so they reduce some of their risk with higher premiums. 

You did not do your research

You need to shop around to get the most suitable life insurance for you and at the lowest cost possible. Prices and benefits vary from one insurer to the other. Compare life insurance quotes from several insurers online or through their agents. Discuss and ask questions. Be more informed before you come up with the best decision for your money.

You have procrastinated too long before you get life insurance

As you get older, the cost of life insurance increases. You have to pay higher if you have a policy at a later age. You might be earning a higher amount so it won’t be a financial burden to you but you will still end up paying more the longer you wait to get coverage.

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