Streaming Short Movies: How Does It Work?

The short film market has been growing rapidly in the last couple of years. People love making short films and, more importantly, they love watching them. Whether you don’t have time to sit through a two-hour-long movie or you find it difficult to focus on something for so long, short movies are a great way to pass the time and feel entertained at home. 

With that said, platforms for streaming short movies have become more popular than ever. There are many sources you can choose from when it comes to watching shorter types of cinematic content online. Believe it or not, you can find some of the most popular short films on YouTube, a platform that is free and accessible at any time of the day. 

However, if you want to dig into the search, here are six other platforms you can look into for watching and publishing short films: 

1. is a streaming platform designed specifically for short films. This is one of the newer platforms of this nature that launched back in 2018 at the Cannes Film Festival. As of right now, features over 500 original short films, and their list is expanding continuously. The platform releases at least 10 new short films each week, which quickly adds up to an excellent playlist that could keep you occupied for a while. 

Whether you love watching short films or you’re looking for a platform to post your own, is a great option to consider.


As the very name suggests, is a platform specifically designed for short films and nothing else. This platform goes in-depth on everything related to short films. Besides streaming the actual content, you can read reviews of all short films on the platform and get recommendations based on your preferences. 

Overall, the site features a pretty good user interface. The only problem is the quality of video content since not many of the featured films are in HD resolution.

3. Netflix

At this point, everyone is familiar with Netflix, so there’s not much to explain here. The only thing you may not know is that Netflix features quite a decent collection of short films, which can come in handy if you don’t have much time or if you like this particular type of content. Also, Netflix is extremely easy to use, so a lot of viewers will enjoy that.

However, keep in mind that hackers often target Netflix because it is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. Make sure to use a VPN service while watching content on Netflix to ensure proper privacy and secure your internet connection.

4. ShortsTV

Next up is ShortsTV, a platform that offers the world’s most extensive collection of short films, or so they say. The platform is available 24/7, meaning you can dive into the largest short film database at any time you want. For those who want to publish their short film, ShortsTV might offer a 3-year deal to purchase the content. 

Since ShortsTV is also broadcasted on international TV, they have certain requirements for accepting film submissions. They do not feature films with graphic content.

5. HumaraMovie

If you’re a fan of Indian short films, one source you should look into is HumaraMovie. This is one of the most famous producers and distributors of short films, specifically Indian ones. They release one new film per week, and they haven’t missed a week in a while. 

All their films are released on their YouTube channel, which now counts over 777 000 subscribers. They mainly accept short films, but you can find movies of up to 30 minutes on their channel.

6. Terribly Tiny Tales 

Last but not least, we had to include the platform that published many award-winning shows such as Hujli and Anupam Kher that have over four million views on YouTube each. With over 300 000 subscribers, this platform offers a great selection of short films for you to enjoy, as well as various genres and film lengths. If you want to submit your film to Terribly Tiny Tales, keep in mind that the content must be shorter than 15 minutes to be accepted.

Stream Movies Safely

Overall, there are plenty of sources out there that offer various options when it comes to short films. It is up to you to find the platform that suits your needs best. However, whichever option you choose, make sure to set up a virtual private network to ensure optimal security when streaming online content. 

Don’t forget that streaming websites are often targeted by cybercriminals, which makes them a risk space to spend time online. 

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