6 Cool Gifts that any College Student will Love

If you have been to college or know someone who is attending one, you sure know how challenging being a college kid can be. Of course, attending college is quite a different experience, from shared dorm rooms to early morning classes and late-night test cramming sessions. Studying in college is all about new things, lessons, and experiences that make life different than before.

Consequently, if you are looking to give a college student some presents, the gifts will be pretty different from the rest too. Especially as the kid makes way to a new place, moving out of home, there is plenty of stuff they will need to survive with ease. Apart from the cozy and homely decor, they will need much more practical gifts to make their new space feel homely and get the hang of living alone. So if you are looking for great, cute, and practical gifts for a college-going kid, read on to get a few gift ideas!:-

DNA portraits

Dorm rooms and shared living rooms tend to have very small spaces. There is barely any space

for necessities and certainly the very least for pretty or cute decor. But that doesn’t mean that there is no space to store a unique gift. Moving into a college campus away from home, family and friends can be overwhelming. The kids question their uniqueness and identity all the time as they miss their family back home and come across new experiences. 


Hence, a DNA portrait by DNA11 is an elegant gift that you can give to college kids once they enter a new space and help reaffirm their belief in their being special. You can choose anywhere from one to four DNA prints on a single canvas, perfect for a family, and send a part of yourself with your kid. A single DNA print itself will look elegant, cool, and futuristic in the small space, double up as decor in the otherwise bland room, and of course, help them have a part of their heart always with them. 

Coffee maker

Studying in college is hectic. Students have to meet countless deadlines, study for several tests, take care of their daily necessities and socialize. The stress can be quite a lot but nothing that a good cup of coffee can not solve. Coffees are great to boost energy after a long day in classes and when the kid needs to stay awake, just a few more hours to finish their assignment. But students can’t always rush to the coffee shop when in need of a strong cup. 

coffee maker


Hence, a coffee maker is a thoughtful gift you can give to a college-going kid. A small coffee maker with just a cup’s capacity is enough for a dorm room, especially considering that the rooms are pretty small and will have space just for a mini coffee maker. Hence, they can always have coffee on an exam night or on a chilly day when they decide to skip classes. 

Fabric refresher

Students have to put up with a lot when going to college. From cooking their own meals, spending time in extra classes to catch on topics, keeping up with an internship, and spending a good day working out if they ever find the time, schedules can be pretty cramped. In such a frenetic schedule, thrifting away some time for doing laundry becomes a luxury, and so does buying fabric refreshers. 

But no one likes to wear clothes that smell like the bottom of their gym bag. So to help a college-going kid with their laundry (whenever they get time for it), buy them fabric refreshers. Fabric refreshers help take out bad odor from clothes and leave them feeling refreshed and new so that they can just wear the same clothes a few days more than they should. 

Laptop cooler pad

College kids just can not do without their laptops. If anything, their laptops are always on and buzzing, just as crowded and overworked as the kids themselves. There are always more tabs open than necessary, with some background music going on, and it’s overloaded with hundreds of assignments. This obviously leads to the sadly overworked devices overheating, and that is never a good thing. 

Thus before the poor thing actually stops working, it would be great if you give the college kid a laptop cooler pad to keep the device as safe as they can. The cooling pads come with small fans, and when kept underneath the laptop, they dissipate heat and prevent the laptop battery from burning out. 

Tupperware sets

I have enough Tupperware, said no college kid ever, especially because college kids tend to forget where they lost the last one they used and hence constantly need more. Tupperware containers are quite practical gifts for college kids who like preparing their own meals ( maybe because the college canteen sells watered-down soup ) and like having enough prepared to last them a few days. 


Find a Tupperware set with containers of various sizes so that the kid can use them for different purposes and can carry them for meals during the break periods. They can also use these to store take-out meals and reduce take-out container clutter. 

First-aid kit

The hub-hub of college hours and after-hour studying, partying and having fun can be quite a lot for students many times, warranting the need for a few over-the-shelf medications for headaches and body pains. Needless to say, there can be unfortunate incidents like kids burning themselves while cooking for the first time and issues much worse due to stress, exhaustion, and other accidents.

Overall, a first-aid kit needs to be a permanent addition to dorm rooms, and you can definitely give one to your college-going kid. Add in a few safe medicines for pain relief, ointments, bandages, and other necessities to guarantee the quick provision of first-aid at times of accidents. 

A college kid needs plenty of things to make their dorm life easier. While you can’t gift all of them, these few gifts top the list and will be appreciated by any college kid!

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Protected: Customer Feedback: How To Leverage It To Improve Business Performance
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