Top 4 Great Alternative Ways to Study for Finals

The end of the school year, a time where the academic year comes to an end and teachers become a lot more relaxed when it comes to handing out work. However, for college students, this is the worst time of the year. Final exams are brief moments of time for college students where they are evaluated on the course work given to them throughout the semester. Students try to find new study habits to work with what is best for them, some work while others don’t. As a college freshman myself, I always find new ways to make studying fun while also hardworking. Here are some of my favorites that can be beneficial




As a visual learner, I think studying with physical cards is important because you can write as many words as you would like and could focus on what you need to study and what you do not. Yeah sure the computer app Quizlet is a good tool but you do not get the same benefits as studying with a physical flashcard. Plus, you can make little cheats for yourself as well as mix things and play games to help study. 


Go to Professor Office Hours

Seeking out the professor for assistance or guidance is one of the many perks of college because it allows the student to gain a better relationship with their professor. This also allows the professor to gain a better understanding of how the student is studying and can provide clarity on the rigorous subject matter, as well as teach the student the material in a way the student can understand. 

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With Friends

While many prefer studying in a silent library, filled with nothing but your own thoughts. I am the type of student where if I teach my friends or peers what I am studying then I understand the material. Also quizzing your friends on the material is also fun because you can give them feedback on what to focus on and what concepts to further understand


Make A Schedule 

Many college students have more than two final exams during the same week, many are unfortunate and have two on the same day. However, making a to-do list or a schedule for yourself on the days of the week makes sure you have a goal on what to get done during the day. It provides a backbone for yourself and keeps you going and you can fluctuate it as much or as little as possible. 

There are many other ways to study for finals, everyone has their own method to their madness. Hopefully, you use your time wisely and work hard and perform well on your finals. Good luck college, you’re almost there! 

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