5 Secret Ways To Promote Your Music Online

We are living in unprecedented times where online is the new way of living. From entertainment to grocery shopping, online mediums have become the norm. Why not use online for promoting music? Music is something that helps us find an escape from the bedlam of chaos that has circumscribed our lives. In such a scenario, people want to hear music and artists have a wonderful opportunity to grow and explore and be heard. It’s no revelation that the internet has brought a wave of change in the music industry. Various technological advancements like file sharing, streaming, social media platforms, Spotify etc. are providing great exposure to emerging artists who are showered with multiple opportunities to be heard and build their fanbase. This will not just help them gain SoundCloud followers but also bring more SoundCloud engagement. The downside of this is that many artists know the tips and tricks, so you need to promote your music secretly. To learn the secrets, tips and tricks, read below.

1. Make good music:

If you are looking for promoting your music, you need to start making music that is fresh and exceptional. Make your music as compelling before you kick-start your promotion. Take time to produce great tracks, to make a perfect mix and master your music. Only when you have made a track that satisfies you and meets your standard, it’s then can you go ahead and enthusiastically promote your music. Alongside great music, strive to create unique videos because videos leave behind a mark and are very compelling. Viral music videos are the most traditional way for an emerging artist to excel and make a name in a music industry. If you don’t have the necessary requisite to shoot a video, rent a videographer or a video editor who will assist you in the process. People love videos, no matter how antique they get.

2. Get Verified.

If you wish to manage your presence on different social media platforms while being effective, verified pages are the best option. Posting or sharing music on platforms isn’t the only task, you have to own your space and figure out so that it can work for you. Verification is one of the ways to create a trusted online presence which isn’t very complicated. Various platforms have eased the way for verification. When you get verified, you gain a reputation which not only promotes your music but also helps you buy SoundCloud plays and SoundCloud engagement which will widen your reach.

3. Go for a music press release and reach out to playlists and blogs.

Music media is a powerful tool when it comes to promote music. Even when there is a coverage of a small music press outlet, it brings out various benefits as it can help you reach a wider audience. Same goes for playlists. The bigger your playlist, the more followers and listeners you will have. But it can be hard to ensure coverage and reaching out to the audience. It can be quite intimidating. Fret not, for we shall provide you the means to do it too. 

Music blogs can be very influential in finding tastemakers and listeners. Some of the biggest names are Pitchfork and Stereogum that has helped so many artists to make a name in the mainstream industry. Find those blogs that are interested in posting tracks of artists like you and look for means to contact them. 

Another big player in promoting your music secretly is reaching out and making ways into streaming playlists. In this also, identify those playlists that post music like yours and contact those users since playlists are created as per the mood of the song, the genre, settings of social gathering like party song etc. Getting your music positioned in those big playlist will add to your popularity and influence. Playlists gather a lot of traction thus will be extremely beneficial for your promotion.

4. Build a fanbase and boost engagement

The end goal of promoting your music is to build a fanbase that will in turn boost engagement on your music. For that, you need to interact with your audience, connect with them, engage by replying to their comments, buy them merch, hype them up with upcoming shows of yours and participate in giveaways. To build a fanbase, you can make use of traditional methods like using Press Kits, mailing lists and tours- all these are very effective in growing your audience. Another way you can build a fanbase is by getting into the real world. Networking, live music etc. are very effective as real life networking is something that creates an intimate bond which helps in building a community.

5. Promote your music on social media

While posting about your music and new releases on social media platforms is very important and effective but don’t just get lost in this. Promoting music has various nuances. Narrate a story because that helps the audience relate to you, build a bond. Share your videos, interviews, press conferences, articles, playlists, behind the scenes, studio tours, live shows etc. as it will help you narrate a story. Do live shows especially in pandemic times when organising concerts is not possible. Remember you are an artist and people are there to hear you. Ensure that the audience engage with your music and provide you feedback. Take those feedbacks because it will help you improve your music, upgrade it and also inform you what your audience wants to hear from you.

Use these tips and tricks to navigate your musical journey and presence in this technologically advanced world. We can’t wait to listen to your tracks. 

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