Academy Awards 2021: Predictions For Oscar Gold

Well everyone, here it is! As we come close to the awards ceremony, let’s discuss some predictions on who will win the golden statuette from the Oscars. This list was very tough in some categories more than others.

Best Lead Actor: Riz Ahmed or Chadwick Boseman

If there is one thing Academy voters recognize, it is the ability for actors to transform into these characters. They are not seen as their actor counterpart, rather by their character. That can be said for Riz Ahmed’s awe-inspiring performance in Sound of Metal. Ahmed allowed himself to get inside of the mind of a heavy metal drummer who has permanently lost his hearing without coming off as a caricature. Boseman could also become recognized for a posthumous Oscar for his performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Many have said his performance is a career best in a long history of historic performances in his career.

Best Lead Actress: Frances McDormand

The main frontrunner this awards season is Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland, a film telling the story of a woman who lives out of her van and discovers that she is one of the nomads. McDormand makes herself feel like the actual members of this community. She makes her characters feel real and lifelike. Gathering and authentic performance from the critically acclaimed actress. Hopefully, she snatches another golden statuette at the ceremony.

Best Director: Chloe Zhao

Like I stated previously, Nomadland has dominated the awards season as of late. Zhao has been acclaimed for her blend of documentary style of filmmaking and narrative focus. Zhao captures a picturesque landscape in that of the nomads. Making these people look like members of a community, giving this film a heart and soul. And this could not have worked without Zhao’s impeccable direction and attention to detail. Also this would be a landmark for the Academy, as this would be the first female Oscar winner in over 12 years


Best Picture: Nomadland or Trial of the Chicago 7

While Nomadland is a basic choice for a Best Picture prediction. It would make sense. It has won top prizes at film festivals and awards ceremonies and has received numerous acclaim from critics around the world. However, I choose Trial of the Chicago 7 as another frontrunner because of the timing of the film’s release and what it tries to say. It was released weeks before the U.S Presidential Election and even has a heavy handed emphasis on “voting for the correct candidate in office” not to mention its political themes and ideas being suggested. So it would be not a gigantic shock to myself or to many that this film would receive the top prize.

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