Online Sports Betting: The Best Games For Beginners

Online betting has become a significantly bigger thing in the past year. Although it has been silently thriving industry for quite some time now, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic–what with the land-based establishments closing down temporarily for a long time, and almost all sports getting canceled or suspended–a lot of people have discovered new ways to wager their money online. This applies both to casino players and sports bettors alike. However, online sports betting is still a slightly different form of wagering than that of playing casino games.

In sports betting, you get to do most of the work–you research the games, the teams, the players, and you compare the odds across different bookies. You check local and even offshore sportsbooks for the best odds, and only then you would decide which bet you would put your money on.

As a newbie, getting good at sports betting can become a tough thing, and all the jargon and technicalities can sometimes overwhelm you, and it would sometimes feel like a foreign language.

Still, some sports are easier to bet on and are more friendly to newbies. Here are some of them.


Football is the biggest and the most popular sport in the world, with billions of fans and viewers for every major league across different parts of the world. In as much as there is a huge fan base for it, bettors also consider it one of the top favorite games to wager on. Not only that, but it is also one of the go-to sport for most newbies.

For one, it is easy to understand. The rules of the game are not that complicated, and the types of bets can be easily understood even by someone without any prior knowledge of the sport or of betting for it.

Horse racing

Horse racing is not only an easy sport to bet on, but the whole experience that goes with it is what makes it a good thing to try out for newbies. Considering that time will come when watching a race in public would be a normal thing again, the entire pre-race experience and witnessing the action of the event unfold in front of you is a priceless experience in itself.

In addition to that, there are simple betting options when you are horse racing, and the odds are not that hard to understand as well. Not only that, you are sure to get a tip or two along the way, either from the people, you will get to know along the way, or friends that were already into it before you are.


One interesting thing about cricket is that it is the third biggest sport in the world, but it is mostly unknown outside of Australia and India–even in the United States, cricket gas so far only had very limited interest amongst bettors.

One might think that this is such a shame, considering that the sports have very wide options for betting that even as a newbie, you would never run out of ways to make a decent amount of money with a good bet.


Boxing had been a big sport for Americans, Mexicans, and even Asians, what with Manny Pacquiao, one of the biggest names in boxing today, hailing from the Philippines.

Just like most games, there is a straightforward Moneyline bet, but there are also more specific types of bets like the number of punches thrown by both fighters, the number of rounds the match would last, and the type of victory that would decide the outcome of the fight.

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