What Separates Bitcoin From Other Cryptocurrencies? 

Since Bitcoin was invented, a lot more cryptocurrencies were launched. Today there are 4,000 cryptocurrencies, and a lot of famous brands and organizations have developed or are in the process of developing their own cryptocurrencies. That being said, the crypto market has grown significantly, but Bitcoin is still one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has the largest market cap of over $1 trillion. So, one of the questions is why Bitcoin withstood the test of time and what are the features that made him different from other cryptocurrencies.  


Bitcoin is the first digital cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is fully decentralized, and the innovation was used as a foundation for every other cryptocurrency that was released afterward. Even though there are some features that are common for most cryptocurrencies, what makes Bitcoin different is that it is decentralized, and its founder Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared as soon as the currency showed signs of adoption among investors.  

Furthermore, the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown, and he/she has no control over the further development of the network. In fact, the miners on the platform need to reach consensuses regarding further changes in the network. Each miner gets one vote. Every other cryptocurrency has made its own variations of the original platform, the blockchain network, and the way it operates. But, the system is developed in a way that boosts the price of Bitcoin and attracts more investors. 

Availability on Online Trading Sites

As Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, it is available on almost every online trading site. Also, most Bitcoin wallets support BTC. When it comes to other cryptocurrencies, because there are new ones being launched, you won’t be able to invest in them on every crypto exchange site. If you’re looking to invest in BTC, and you want to choose the right platform that offers great features, make sure to check out bitcoin prime app website, which is a top-rated automated trading site. It is based on advanced machine learning algorithms and trades thanks to the support of regulated brokers. 

Decentralized Blockchain Network 

The main reason why Bitcoin is different from other currencies is that it is completely decentralized, and the founder isn’t in any way involved with the future development of the network. In comparison, other cryptocurrencies have founders or organizations that even have a saying or influence the changes in their networks. This also means that other cryptocurrencies can easily adapt to possible changes or trends in the crypto market. But, otherwise, the blockchain network of Bitcoin is a good example of a fully functioning and tamper-proof decentralized payment system.  

It’s also worth mentioning that the blockchain network is the largest network that benefits from the number of nodes in the system. More specifically, when the number of users rises, the network becomes even more secure.  

Furthermore, by design, Bitcoin is a deflationary cryptocurrency because Bitcoin halving (the event splits the block reward in half), which is programmed on the network, cuts the inflation rate in half, and that is reflected by increasing the price of Bitcoin and reducing the current supply of BTC. Also, all cryptocurrencies have a finite supply, but only Bitcoin has a limited pool of 21 million BTC, and that makes this currency quite scarce. Therefore, it’s also a good store of value.  

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, there would be a lot of cryptocurrencies that try to catch up with Bitcoin and achieve its level of success. Also, a lot of governments are looking to digitalize their currencies and develop their own virtual currencies, such as China with its digital currency e-Yuan. So, the competition will definitely rise as the interest in cryptocurrency grows, but Bitcoin is will very likely remain one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies that have the largest market cap in the foreseeable future.

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