How to Import MBOX Into Outlook

Today, there are dozens of options for mail management. Outlook is the default choice for many organizations. Its security, flexibility, scheduling, and task assignment features make it ideal for business communication. But what if you used to store email elsewhere? Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, and other systems built around MBOX, which is tricky to migrate from. 

MBOX is not a format Outlook can read. This complicates the transfer unless you know one simple trick. Discover how to convert emails from MBOX to Outlook in seconds instead of hours. This method guarantees precision — moreover, it is the only way to achieve it. But first, why is mail transfer so complicated in the first place?

Clash of Formats

Every mail environment is based on a particular format. MBOX has many variations, but none are readable for Outlook, which only recognizes PST and EML. Thus, you cannot just drag and drop your emails between programs. First, you need to export and convert them. Then, feed them into Outlook and check that the process has been successful. 

While manual guides exist, they have the same flaw. Your efforts may be not only futile but harmful. Any bits of mail data may get lost or corrupt during the move. Automation comes to the rescue. It can: 

  • save your emails straight into the Outlook profile, or 
  • create a separate PST file so you can move the data to another machine. 

The Only Reliable Method

Convert hundreds of old emails in less than a minute. The only manual step is to physically move the MBOX files (if Outlook is installed on a different machine). Then, help the tool identify the source folder, let it scan it, and launch the import. 

Voilà! Based on your settings, the data will be incorporated into your profile or stored as a separate file. Nothing could be easier. The system does not just convert the encoding. It recreates the folders of your old inbox, so you may start working straight away! 

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