How to Take Care of Baby Clothes So That They Last Long 

Children’s things are, as a rule, more demanding in terms of care – delicate materials are used for their manufacture, and the products for their care should, above all, be safe for the child. Caring for children’s clothes requires your attention and a responsible approach. All things must be kept clean, dried regularly, washed, taking into account the nature of dirt and fabrics, and ironed if necessary.


For washing children’s clothes, it is not recommended to use chlorine-containing detergents, as well as powders with fragrances. It is better to use special conditioners for clothes, they do not have additional fragrances and will soften the fabric. Particular attention should be paid to the rinsing process – after washing, the clothes should be odorless. 

When washing, it is better to turn clothes inside out – this will protect delicate fabrics from wear and tear and physical damage like pellets and puffs. Also, pay attention to the tags – they contain information that will allow you to preserve the appearance of children’s clothing. The qualitative baby boy and baby girl clothes bought in The Trendy Toddlers shop will outlast the washing without any problems and preserve their shape and colors.

Particular attention should be paid to caring for things that are in direct contact with the child’s skin – underwear, gloves, children’s winter hats. They get dirty and wear out faster. It is better to wash them by hand in warm water with baby soap or powder – so your mittens and hats will retain their original shape and color longer. Warm outerwear is not washed so often, but if it is heavily soiled, it may be necessary not only to brush it. So, in wet, dirty weather, children’s overalls, and especially the bottom of the legs and sleeves, can be washed in warm water and soap and gently dried, preventing damage to the insulation material.

How to Iron Baby Clothes

The fabrics will be more pleasant to the touch and the clothes will retain their shape longer with regular ironing. Thermal treatment of baby clothes is equally important from a hygiene point of view – high temperatures and steam kill germs. When drying, also pay attention to the fact that things made from different materials need to be dried in different ways. So, it is recommended not to hang woolen clothes, but to lay them out horizontally to avoid deformation.


Children of any age are very active. Do not forget to check the safety of things: the presence of buttons, fasteners, and decorative elements. See if the zippers are working, if the pockets are intact, and if there is any damage to the fabric.

It is better to store baby clothes separately from insect repellents and aromatic sachets for wardrobes, which are popular today. To save space and protect clothing from the external environment, you can use special vacuum bags for storage. All clothes must be washed and dried before packing, otherwise, these clothes can become a source of germs and other troubles. Underwear should be stored separately from everyday clothes and, moreover, children’s winter clothes.

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