Best casino bonuses in Thailand in 2021

Amidst all the other entertainment sources, the people from Thailand, especially those residing in Bangkok, are constantly on the lookout for gambling sources. The gambling laws in Thailand are very stringent. It almost creates an impression of an anti-gambling state. Even then, there are two main betting activities legally permissible. These are the State-Lottery and horse races. Presently, horse races are the only sports betting permissible in the state.

Although gambling activities are on an all-time rise in the state of Thailand, it has turned into such a large industry that it is estimated to generate almost $6 billion every year. The residents find the on-land as well as online gambling opportunities very lucrative to make profits. Only National Lottery is permitted by the State in Thailand and is regulated by the Government Lottery Office. Even then, online gambling finds the biggest underground market here.

Thailand’s Gambling Guide 

All the gambling activities in Thailand are regulated by the Gambling Act of B.E.2478. Legally, it is not permissible to conduct any online casinos or other gambling activities except State Lottery or sports betting. It has been realized lately that a host of anti-gambling activities have paved some way or the other to exist within the residents.

The residents of Thailand prefer the key locations, including Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia, for wagering.

Legislations about gambling in Thailand

Gambling in all the activities mentioned in List-A under the Gambling Act of B.E.2478 is not permitted. This involves land casinos, gambling games, activities, street games, and Thai dice games. Certain traditional casino games, like slot machines and roulette, are also included in the list. Section 855 of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand specifies that it is not allowed to any form of gambling debts are not enforceable. The strict regime imposed by the local Government on gambling has made Thai people start visiting casinos near the country to wager.

Best Thai Online Casinos 

There are a host of casinos that the Thais like to gamble in. Although it is considered illegal here, an abundant population indulges in online gambling. It has been noted that the government authorities keep track of these online sites and even block them if they observe any unusual activity or if there is a breach of cybersecurity. Thus, it is advised to participate in Thai online casinos that seem safe and do not attract any kind of government attention.

There is a list of best online casinos in Thailand which has been curated over some time:

  • Spin Palace
  • Jackpot City
  • GClub Casino
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Royal Vegas
  • Gaming Club
  • Play Amo
  • Hyper
  • Live Casino House
  • Happy Luke
  • BetWinner
  • Bitstarz
  • Bitcasino
  • Guts Casino
  • Ufabet

Since the conduction of online live casinos is not allowed in Thailand, other foreign countries host these casinos on their behalf. In that case, the Government of Thailand cannot legally shut them down. However, it is important to know and update yourself about the proper payment methods of its functioning.

How to get bonuses in GClub Casino

Obtaining lucrative bonuses in online casinos like GClub has now become very attractive for the people of Thailand. Online casinos offer amazing bonuses for new players, regular players, and people who loyally stay with the casino for a long period. There are a host of bonuses that these casinos like G-Club and other offers. These are in the form of the following;

  • Welcome Bonus or sign-up Bonus given for the newly registered players
  • Existing player bonuses for players who gamble with the casino consistently.
  • Free spins and free trial bonuses to attract new players to the casino 
  • Cashback bonuses are safely transferred to the player’s account.
  • Deposit bonus made in return for a specific amount deposited by the player 

Thus, in conclusion, there are many attractive bonuses and prizes offered by the online casinos in Thailand. Regardless of the Bonus the player decides to claim, you should read all the terms and conditions attached to the Bonus. The player can claim one of them or even none of them. It all depends on the security of the claim and the fairness of the terms and conditions attached to it. With an apt knowledge of everything, these online casinos in Thailand can provide lucrative wins to the players.

About the author:

James Hwang is the editor at Gambling Giant, a website fully dedicated to the gambling industry. He spent 5 years in South Korea studying arts and then switched to a digital nomad lifestyle to travel the world. He adores pizza and Netflix, especially when those two things combined on a Friday night.

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