Replace Tea With Herbal Infusions

Agree, a cup of tea is always good! When you’re at work, when you come back from a walk where you’re chilled to the bone, when you have a stressful game of Woo Casino, or just when you want to enjoy its enchanting flavor and aroma. But when we want to adopt a more responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle, a cup of tea can seem a bit bitter. What are the alternatives to this plant coming from far (too!) away?

Now, let’s see what we can offer you.

Lavender Infusion for Relaxation

If for you, drinking a cup of tea is a moment of relaxation and sweetness, you can try lavender. One or two branches that you let infuse in a teapot filled with boiling water and you are provided with a fragrant drink, ultra comforting.

Mint Infusion for Good Digestion

The advantage of mint is that you can find it almost everywhere, and it can be easily planted in the garden or in a pot on the balcony. With its refreshing and invigorating taste, it is perfect for waking up gently in the morning. Another virtue of mint, it is ideal at the end of the meal to digest well. It also exists in many varieties such as peppermint with an intense and fresh taste, lemon mint or chocolate mint for the most greedy! You may check out flawless wellness.

Thyme Infusion to Boost Your Immune System

Thyme, which also exists in several varieties, has antiseptic and digestive virtues. It is the perfect plant for the winter when our immune system needs a little help. Rosemary is a very good antioxidant and is said to help concentration and memory. It is also very good for the digestive system, for the respiratory system and it is also an excellent antistress.

Dried Flower Infusion

Fruits and flowers have a great fragrance and are really delicious in the infusion. Most of the time they are used after drying, which allows them to be kept for a long, long time, long after the harvest period. We like rose, violet, blueberry, poppy for their sweet and delicate aromas.

Dried Fruit Infusion

For fruits, you can make delicious infusions from their peelings (when they are organic!). Just dry, candy or dehydrate them to keep them for a long time and add boiling water on them when you feel like a delicious hot drink.

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