How to Choose the Right Coffee?

What could be better than a cup of hot and delicious coffee after an important and stressful game in the PlayAmo online casino when you can enjoy your victory, as well as the enchanting bouquet of flavors? But how do you choose the right coffee? So to help you a little, here are some good tips to find THE coffee of your dreams

The Varieties of Coffee 

There are two main species of coffee: Arabica and Canephora, of which the best-known variety is Robusta. Arabica coffees are sweeter and more fragrant, and especially less loaded with caffeine than the Canephora, which is also more fullbodied and bitter.

Depending on the country, there are also several methods of processing coffee after harvesting, commonly known as theprocess“: dry method, wet method, semiwet methodthe final aromas of the coffee will be very different depending on the method used.

Coffee defined asArabicaorRobustais as vague ascabernet“, ormerlotfor wine! Arabica comes in nearly 200 types of varieties classified into subspecies, which are themselves divided into variants. For example, Ethiopian coffees are brighter, flowery and fruity. Colombian and Central American coffees have more of a gourmet, sweet and suave aroma of candied fruit or chocolate.

Roasting Takes Care of the Beans

Choosing the right coffee means first of all to understand THE roasting process that will bring you everything you are looking for. Roasting is what will reveal the aromas of each type of coffee.

Clear roasting is rather dedicated to filter coffee. It will bring liveliness.

Medium roasting will change the balance of flavors: you will obtain a coffee with a less pronounced vivacity from which moreaccessiblearomas and smoother flavors will be released, ideal for an espresso coffee.

As for the dark and very dark roasting (the beans cook longer), Italian style, it gives a more bitter coffee, with notes of dark chocolate and toast, less liveliness and more bitterness. The flowery or vegetal aromas of the coffee are also attenuated.

The Importance of a Good Grind

Grinding is the process of transforming roasted coffee beans into coffee powder through a grinder. The size of the grind must be chosen according to the way the coffee is prepared. Yes, but why? The choice of grind has a real impact on the taste and aromas of the coffee you want to reveal

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