5 Things To Expect From Online Casinos in 2021

The world of gambling has changed so much and thanks to the power of technology, it was able to live through the times and adapt to it. Perhaps one of the most notable things that happened to this industry is the introduction of online betting sites–online casinos and online sports betting sites–that opened up a wider door of opportunity for operators and bettors alike and introduced the world of gambling to a wider range of audience. From there, the online gaming industry grew bigger and bigger throughout the years, and more features and technologies were introduced as well.

Now that a new year is here, what are the things that you can expect from the best online casinos this 2021? What are the improvements and new things that might take the spotlight for this year? Here are some of the things that are on the top of the list.

More blockchain use

When you talk about blockchain technology, one of the first things that would come to mind is Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin and all other forms of cryptocurrency f=do work under blockchain technology, this piece of then can be used for more than just managing and storing digital money.

Betting sites and apps can slowly steer away from traditional money processing technologies like that of traditional wire transfer, and even the use of e-money wallets by working with financial services that make use of blockchain. By doing this, they can offer faster processing of deposits and withdrawals, more security, and in some cases, even a better level of anonymity.

Say goodbye to KYC?

One of the things that legal and legitimate betting sites do is customer verification through a process called Know your Customer. The law as an added layer of security requires this not only for the players but also for the site or app operators.

In KYC, customers are asked to provide any proof of identification, usually a government-issued photo ID and sometimes an additional proof of address, to proceed with using the service of the site or app. While a lot of people have no problem complying with this, some see this as a form of invasion of privacy and would rather play gambling games anonymously instead. This is the reason why there has been a call for anonymous betting sites. These already exist in a way, through Bitcoin casinos.

But, will KYC be removed from betting sites? Only time can tell.

More live dealers

When live casinos were first introduced, they became an instant hit. From just playing computer-generated games, people can now see real people shuffling real cards and dealing with games in real-time–the closest that they can get to experience in a land-based casino gaming so far.

It is no longer a shock, then, that more and more sites would follow through and ride the trend by offering more and more live games, sometimes even focusing more on them than computer-generated ones.

Utilizing AR and VR

Virtual and augmented reality, also known as RA and VR, is also expected to be a big thing for online gaming this year. Imagine being able to “walk” into a virtual casino and play every game, interact with the dealers, in the first-person perspective–you can do that in VR. How about making your living room a poker table and play virtually with other people? That is what AR can do for you.

Spotlight on e-sports

E-sports is a rapidly growing industry and there is no doubt about it. More and more games are starting to be played competitively, and prize pools for game tournaments get bigger and bigger. Bookies know this, which is why esports bet5ting had become a thing, too, and is expected to be a bigger thing this year.

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