5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Bookmakers

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular and that popularity has spread to online gambling. The high levels of encryption used in bitcoin make transactions very secure, which lends itself to the bookmaking arena. Punters can rest assured that they remain anonymous and that their wagering money is untraceable. 

This anonymity means that many betting websites do not ask for personal information when registering with them. Information like your name and home address can remain private and confidential as a result. 

In addition to this, Bitcoin allows for quick deposits, bigger welcome bonuses, and is often more affordable. The following article will dive deeper into some of these advantages and look at some of the best bookmakers offering Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals today.

Here are five of the most important advantages of using Bitcoin Bookmakers:

  • Privacy

The number one reason someone may opt to use Bitcoin for betting is often privacy. As previously mentioned, by using Bitcoin you can avoid giving away personal information that you may want to keep private. If for whatever reason you would prefer not to reveal your name or address you can avoid doing so by using Bitcoin as your payment method. 

Another privacy advantage to using Bitcoin bookmakers is that your money isn’t traceable in the same way that regular currency is. This means that if you want to keep where your money came from to yourself, you have the option to do so whilst still being able to make bets on sportsbooks.

For some people, there is still a stigma attached to online gambling. If you enjoy some casual betting but feel embarrassed or want to avoid other people finding out, Bitcoin is the best way to keep this private and confidential allowing you to feel more comfortable and avoid unwanted conversations.

If you are concerned about privacy, why not try betting using Bitcoin on Betflip? Registration is easy with the innovative crypto bookmaker and payments are processed quickly. They also have a top eSports betting platform and a large withdrawal limit. Betflip is available on multiple devices including phones and tablets.

  • Security

Traditional payment methods like credit cards, bank accounts, and eWallets such as PayPal all run the risk of being hacked. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is considered to be far more secure due to its encryption, meaning your money is in safe hands.

You cannot steal Bitcoins without your own private key which is extremely secure. Provided you do not share this information with other people, your Bitcoin is impenetrable and entirely secure.

BetOnline accepts Bitcoin as a valid payment method and is a great bookmaker to use if security is important to you. They have a section for eSports betting and offer a 50% crypto bonus to their customers. Bet Online’s mobile service is fantastic and their fast withdrawals allow punters to access their money quickly. Also, BetOnline offers live betting!

  • Quick Payments

Bitcoin transactions are particularly rapid and only take a few minutes to be confirmed. Larger deposits and withdrawals are likely to take a few hours and the most costly transfers will sometimes take up to a day. However, these transfers are of an extremely high value (often in the millions) and will not be relevant to the vast majority of customers.

These transfer speeds are considerably faster than many traditional payment methods that can take up to five working days. On occasion, international transfers will take in excess of a week to be completed, showcasing Bitcoin’s significant advantage over traditional payment methods in this department. 

Sportsbet.io is a great option if you are looking for a bookmaker where you can make fast payments and withdrawals using Bitcoin. The online bookmaker has a minimum bet amount of 0.00001BTC and have an easy and straightforward registration process. Their mobile app is user friendly and a terrific way to access their platform on the go provided you have a stable internet connection. Sportsbet.io also has a reliable customer support team that is available around the clock.

  • Affordable

Fees associated with Bitcoin are far reduced compared to traditional payment processors. Using Bitcoin allows you to have more money to play with as a result of these lower associated fees which is undoubtedly a big plus point. 

In addition to this, some bookmakers offer improved welcome bonuses for those who deposit using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Welcome bonuses are some of the most important drawers for new players and can give you a significant boost with lots of value whenever you register to a new bookmaker. The fact that signing up and depositing with Bitcoin can land you a sweeter deal is a great benefit.

If you are looking for an online bookmaker to sign up with and use Bitcoin, why not consider Betwinner? They have a standard offer of 100% matched first deposits but you could land yourself an even better offer if using Bitcoin. Betwinner has a lot of different markets to bet on and has a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. Their customer service team is reliable and available in several different ways.

  • Optimised for Online Betting

As an exclusively online currency, Bitcoin is perfectly optimised to be used with online bookmakers. Standard payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers were not originally designed to be used in conjunction with internet transactions. These methods are less efficient and outdated compared to cryptocurrency payments.

More and more online bookmakers are getting on board with cryptocurrency as a viable payment and withdrawal method. There are already a significant amount of different options available to people wanting to use Bitcoin and this is only set to increase.

Given the ease of use and the many benefits that are associated with this payment method, bookmakers will no doubt head in this direction. Bitcoin transactions are here to stay so there is no better time to consider switching yourself.

One online bookmaker optimised for Bitcoin payments and withdrawals goes by the name of 22Bet. The online bookmaker offers a 100% matched registration deposit for new customers and has a solid selection of betting markets. 22Bet is a reliable bookmaker with a steadily growing customer base and plenty to offer.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin has a lot of qualities that are perfectly suited for use within online gambling platforms. It was conceived with the internet in mind, making it suitable and optimised as a payment method within the world of bookmakers.

The speed and efficiency of Bitcoin transactions are a major advantage of more traditional methods like bank transfers and credit cards. It also has the benefit of facilitating anonymity in the online space and has unrivalled security due to its encryption. 

There are an increasing amount of platforms that accept Bitcoin as a valid deposit and withdrawal method and this is only likely to rapidly increase in the coming years. As with any regular betting platform, it is important you carefully research the platform you intend to use to make sure they have a solid and reliable reputation.

Using Bitcoin is a smart and efficient way to bet online and there are plenty of reasons to get on board today.


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