3 Platforms You Will Ever Need As a Student

The pace of studying has been steadily increasing over the years. The amount of work an average student is expected to do is way over what it used to be. But as the study goals changed – so did the tools available to attain those goals. The technology available to us today makes it much easier to keep up with the demands of the education system. Provided, you know how to use it correctly.

The selection of tools is vast. Some are free, others are hidden behind a paywall. Some are clunky and awkward, others are slick and intuitive. There is a digital solution for nearly every task imaginable out there. There is an entire industry that has grown around the students’ needs for academic help. Here are some of the most useful representatives of that industry that you will be able to rely on all the way through college.

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There are plenty of platforms that offer very specific niche services. And while you can pick and choose individual ones to fit your needs, the best ones are those that offer you a universal solution. PaperWriter belongs to the latter. You shouldn’t have to tell anyone, write my paper for me. You just write to this service and the rest goes like clockwork.

The services it offers are pretty broad. These will be just as handy at the beginning of your college life as they will be at the end of it. You will find yourself making use of the available platform features even once you start getting into more specialized things further down the line. This is especially true for all sorts of written assignments that you will inevitably face through the course of your studies.


Additional workload may be the last thing you need when you are in college. Or so you might think. Students losing interest in their current major is not at all an uncommon thing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start from scratch. Knowledge is more available today than it ever was. And if you need to pick up some extra skills – you can always find a suitable course online.

Coursera is one of many services that offer online courses. Compared to its competitors, it focuses more on formal education. Most of its courses will grant you an official document signifying your newly acquired skill set. And while papers are not strictly necessary to get a job in today’s world, they can make a slight difference during the interview process. Besides, it’s always nice to have a reminder of your work as a confidence booster.

And even if you don’t want to change your career path, extra education can be very helpful. Most of the jobs today are changing pretty quickly. In order to get and maintain the status of a true professional, you need to change along with it. Even after you graduate college you should keep updating your skills and knowledge constantly. Once you become overly attached to the old ways, you will quickly get outclassed by your competition.


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As a student, you are taking your first steps towards complete independence. Finding a source of income is arguably one of the most important steps on this journey. It may not be immediately necessary. But it always boosts one’s confidence to have some personal savings. But the process of finding a job may not be a quick one. Especially if you have something specific in mind.

Platforms like LinkedIn can help you immensely with this task. It’s essentially a big online hangout for both employers and employees. It stores and organizes all sorts of employment opportunities. This in turn allows you to find exactly what you are looking for in terms of locale, desired pay, as well as the field of work. It’s a perfect tool that will help you at the start of your career.

These sorts of services make it much easier to find a temporary or even a permanent job. Additionally, they allow for professionals to efficiently communicate and network. So even if you are not actively looking for a job, it is still a good idea to mingle in these circles. Just as you would expect, you can search for job openings by a variety of different criteria:

  • Field
  • Pay
  • Region
  • Requirements
  • Working hours

Make sure to customize your search to quickly locate the most enticing opportunities. As a student, you will likely want to limit your search results to part-time entry-level positions with minimum prior experience required. Keep in mind that these sorts of positions are very unlikely to be your one and only job. Don’t be shy to try yourself in fields that are not related to your major.

LinkedIn isn’t the only platform out there. It is simply one of the most major ones. So why would you use it instead of countless others? Well, you wouldn’t actually. In fact, it would be best to scan multiple different platforms simultaneously. While most companies post about their openings across many sites, some opportunities may only be found on one or two. So make sure you are extra thorough.

Final words

You may have noticed that these platforms are as broad and universal as can be. They cover the needs that virtually every student has. And while they do form a solid foundation, you might want to expand on them depending on your personal needs and preferences. There are plenty of specialized services out there. Creating your own perfect setup is a cornerstone of academic success.

Don’t be hesitant to use all the tools made available by technological progress. It is almost impossible to keep up with the pace the modern education system sets for students without those. Knowledge of how to use technology to help you out with your daily routine will remain helpful long after you graduate. So don’t let the dated traditional approach slow you down.

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