How Smartphones Are Leading The Way For Gaming

Remember the Nintendo DS, or the PSP, or even the Gameboy? Man, those were good times. Running around the neighbourhood, trying to complete Pokemon Red, or sitting in your bedroom smashing out some God of War.

When you went on holiday you had to take about a thousand chargers with you. One for your phone, one for your camera, one for your handheld gaming device. How things have changed, and become way more streamlined.

Now you can get something that does it all in the palm of your hand. As phones have become more advanced, manufacturers have been able to pack more power into your pocket.

People are playing more online, they’re streaming more and more gaming products, and they barely find the time to switch on the old consoles. The advent of 5G has made more possible than we ever thought.

Even when it comes to casino games, players rather prefer to bet through their smartphones, even in a live casino setting. About 80% of users play online slots on mobile alone, and as a result of this, developers have adjusted their thinking. They’re making more and more games that look and feel the business on your device and that’s driving change.

Gaming phones that are coming out in 2021 are breaking new boundaries. The Nubia Red Magic 5G has the world’s first 144Hz smartphone screen, which provides for a silky smooth refresh rate that’ll make you gaming experience absolutely seamless.

A few years ago mobile gaming was limited to just Angry Birds or Candy Crush, but now game developers are getting more and more ambitious as titles such as Shadowgun Legends have been released.

In the past, games made especially for gaming had failed commercially. But then Razer came along. Razer already had a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-end gaming merchandise, and their phone had high-end specs and seemed to be fairly successful.

After Razer’s Phone, more and more gaming phones started popping up. Some of them included special accessories that turned them into even more hardcore gaming units.

Part of the rise has been due to the massive demand in Asia. Market research indicates that the market for gaming is expected to grow up double digits in 2021.

Pro esports tournaments and special mobile gaming events are also drives of growth, while some mainstream smartphones just can’t cope with the demands of these new mobile games.

So we can see how the industry has grown as interest has grown and financial rewards increase. There’s a larger market for gaming phones than ever before while leading smartphones have got more processing power than ever before – which means they can run more complex games.

This has driven developers to continue to make more and more complex games, while online casinos and gambling operations spend more time making their websites suitable for mobile.

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