Did You Know You Can Customize These Items?

With the holidays just around the corner, you might be scrambling to score the best last-minute gifts for your friends and relatives. Then again, you might not know what to buy for a certain someone or might be considering something a bit more personalized. If the latter is true, and you’re looking for a tailor-made holiday gift, consider the following list of items you might not have known that you can customize.

1. Picture Frames

Picture frames make a great gift for the photographer in your life — or even moms who love to snap pictures of their little ones. A personalized picture frame with the word “love” or something similar can make a precious photo even more special. You could also opt to put someone’s name or a significant date on the frame.

2. Aprons

It might be high time for your mom to get rid of her generic “Kiss the Cook” apron and spring for something a little more original and personalized. Indeed, a custom-made apron adorned with Chef [your mom’s name] is one of many great personalized gifts to give this holiday season. Perhaps she goes by a certain pet name or nickname that would be perfect to add to the custom apron. You could also add images related to cooking or baking like a wooden spoon, chef’s hat, or even a few ingredients.

3. Pillows

Wondering what to gift your favorite nieces or nephews? A customized pillow with their name and an image of their favorite animal can be a nice way to show them you’re thinking about them. You can even put a picture of them on their pillow, so they never fight over whose pillow is whose.

4. Calendar

A calendar filled with personal photos that represent the love and joy you share with someone can be a great gift for the holidays. In particular, it will allow the recipient to reminisce all year long about some of their favorite memories.

5. Journal or Notebook

Do you know someone who is a prolific note-taker? Or maybe someone who loves journaling or collects notebooks? Getting them a personalized notebook with a cherished memory printed on the front or even their favorite quote can be a great way to bring in the holidays.

6. Personalized Sports Gear

Got a die-hard sports fan in your life? A personalized team jersey or T-shirt would be a great way to go. If you don’t already know their favorite team or player, ask someone close to them. Whether they’re into baseball, football, basketball, or soccer, custom sports apparel will definitely put a smile on their face this holiday season.

7. Personalized Bathrobe

As temperatures continue to drop across the country, a personalized bathrobe is a gift that will likely go to good use. Get your friend or loved one the gift of warmth this holiday season — that comes with their initials or their first name. Throw in a pair of slippers and your loved one will be set for the season.

Finding the Right Customized Gift

There are a variety of gifts you can customize — it just takes knowing your recipient and/or what they like. Once you have an idea of what to get someone, find a gift to customize in a way that’s special to them. Whether you’re shopping for your parents, kids, friends, or someone else close to you, know that something personalized will always be more meaningful. So ditch the gift cards this year and come up with a gift idea that lets your recipients know you’re thinking about them in a special way.


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