Reasons To Create A Website In College

The world is a chaotic place right now, to say the least. From politics to public health to climate change, uncertainty is the only thing we can rely on. At times like these, it is tempting to carve out space for yourself to take control of your life.

Everyone can do with a website of their own. However, as a college student, you’re probably not sure what exactly you would use a website for.

Find out how to get a website up and running in just 48 hours. Then build a site of your own for one of the following reasons.

A personal blog

Social media is not good for anyone’s mental health. This is nothing new. However, despite knowing this, we are spending more and more time on social media. We get worked up over news reports, the ignorance of friends and family, and comment wars. Chances are you feel like you are screaming into the void.

You can avoid this without feeling cut off by writing your own blog. A blog gives you the opportunity to introspect about various subjects and give voice to your opinion. Instead of filtering a coherent idea into a two line screed, you can start a nuanced conversation.

One of the benefits of writing a blog is that you get the chance to interrogate your own opinions. When making a statement, you are more likely to check your facts and consider whether what you are saying might be harmful. This is not something you are likely to do when replying to a tweet or a Facebook comment.

A freelance site

Want to make extra money during college? A freelance website could be your first step towards financial success. Rather than working a minimum wage job that sucks hours out of your day, freelance work can earn you good money without you ever having to leave your own space.

Many college students struggle to balance work and studies. For every work hour, they have to take into account the amount of time spent traveling to and from the workplace, as well as the exhaustion it causes.

If you are good at writing, design, or any other web-based skill, you can start a successful career without compromising your college success. Get started now. You can decide exactly how much time you are going to invest.

A creative project

There are millions of people in college right now who are drifting through their prime creative years. As a young adult, you have more creative energy than at any other time. You don’t have to drop out of college to pursue your creative projects.

If you love making music, you can build a website to showcase your music. If you love making art, you can build an online gallery. Of course, you don’t need to create a website for these purposes. Bandcamp and Soundcloud allow you to post music for streaming or sales at no cost to you. However, having a site of your own is a statement of commitment to your own creativity.

A website can be a space for you to try out different projects and to play with your potential. It is easy to get started and doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

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