Being a Hopeless Romantic in a College Hook-up Culture, How Does It Feel?

Do you imagine of getting lost on a deserted road while it’s raining cats and dogs? You are all alone, scared and feeling cold. You are thinking how the hell are you going to get out of this situation. Right then, a handsome boy comes. He has flashing blue eyes and hair so soft you wanna touch. To your surprise, he offers you to come under his umbrella and becomes your life-long admirer with his eyes on you and only you.

If your answer is yes, then

Holding Hands, Couple, Love


Welcome to the World of Hopeless Romantics!

But you will not really like it much right here, because this place too, is a little deserted. But the handsome guy takes a long long time to appear as the savior.

Do you know why? Because the crush you have your eyes on is probably dating different chicks with every passing month.

And that’s how it is, the age of millennials, the age of one-night stands, and the age of hook-ups!

Relationships make and break every day here. 

Okay, so do you like that girl moving her body on the dance floor?

Boy, why are you thinking of flowers? Buy her a drink instead, take her to a room and call it a night.

Chances are, you are not going to see her face ever again. But what’s the need to worry? You’ve acquired what people think is the new cool – Sex. I welcome you to the new popular casual dating culture.

This is the ultimate sad reality, the heart wrenching truth. This is how the modern day “hookup culture” is ruining romance for you fellas!

You feel lonely. The pain of being a hopeless romantic in a hook-up culture is real.

It almost seems as if you are born in a different age. You like classics but all you get is noisy crap.

It seems like you reminisce about your grandparents not in looks, but in the way, they impressed their opposite genders sitting in their vintage cars.

Yes, that’s what your friends who are always excited to meet new dates every day think about you. But does that make sense?

What’s wrong with the idea of adorning the same person in hundreds of ways possible?

What’s wrong with treating the same person as the only king or queen of your dreams?

So, what if you imagine dancing with your partner under moonlight while your favorite love songs play in the background instead of banging it out under the sheets?

These things call for the definition of romance. These things have given birth to the greatest literature, novels, authors, poets, movies, musicians that humankind has the opportunity to witness till date.

But in the age of Instagram where letters have changed into DMs and questions that are best asked keeping their hands in hands have changed their mode into stories like “Ask me a question?” online, romanticism doesn’t seem to be fading away, but it has already faded.

Romantic movies give us all the right kinds of feelings and make us see dreams with our eyes open. They promise us that true love exists, and there is always a guy or a girl who will love you no matter what, fight for you no matter what, and stick with you no matter what.

But what they don’t show us is the way to deal with these newborn feelings in real life. 

Especially in College, when you are young, naive, and have eyes full of stars. Before the first day of college, you must have not just selected your perfect outfit, but also thought how you are going to meet your perfect guy in the new world.

It’s not very late until you realise holy sh*t!! It was all in my mind!

This doesn’t happen with everyone though. A majority of your batch mates will be excited to see such a variety of options. They will have the best times of their lives making out with all the people they want, posting a picture one day with the hashtag #togetherforever, and moving on the next day with another person without any guilt.

They call it living life the right way without any tension of commitment and heartbreak. And that’s really sad.

But of course, it’s their life. It’s their way of dealing with things. They have all the right to explore it, explore their sexuality and stuff. Everyone wants to make memories that they wanna remember for a lifetime – crazy, stupid, exciting, adventurous, sexy stories.

But of course, they do a lot of mistakes in exploring everything possible under the roof in a very short time and end up regretting it.

But dude… they are enjoying their time in their life!! 

But what about you? You want to do those things, want to join them at times because you think that’s the only way to impress others, to be in the crowd. But every time, you end up feeling alone.

The thought that the lover of your dreams will come out of nowhere and just change your life for the good like magic doesn’t leave your mind for a minute.

“One night stands – such a cool name! Only cool people do it, isn’t it? Should I try it too? – You will think.

You will never be able to act on it though. Even if you do, you will end up not liking it and your search for that special one will continue.

That’s how Hopeless Romantics are…. They can fall in love with the guy who pulled a chair for them and talked with chivalry for a while. 

The romantics of today still believe in pulling a chair for the girl he just not wants to have sex with, but also wants to spend the rest of his life.

The girls still believe in fairytales, and loving a man irrespective of his status and money.

Are you a hopeless romantic trapped in a college hook-up culture? I know it’s frustrating and straight-up hard. 

But Hey! Listen to me.

One day, I’m sure you will find that one person you look for in every guy/girl, and when you do, you will realize it was worth the wait.

You have a long way to go. Love finds you in the most mysterious places, in the most unexpected ways.

Maybe, there is a person just like you who still listens to “Can’t help falling in love with you” by Presley and sees the moon with awestruck eyes before going to the bed.

Till then, look at the moon and talk to him. I’m sure that on the other side, he is talking to you too!

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