Apple Plans to Make iPhones With ‘Self-Healing’ Screens

People all across the world have become very dependent on their Apple iPhones. The devices give us access to any information we may need and have become engrained in our everyday lives.

But, there is one unfortunate part about using an iPhone and that is the fragile screen.

If you get too careless, your screen could get damaged and then you’ll have to dig into your wallet to pay for a fix. However, Apple may be looking to change that.

According to a report, Apple has filed a patent for “self-healing” screens.

A patent from Apple was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office on Thursday, October 1.

“During operation of an electronic device, the display cover layer for the electronic device may be scratched or dented,” Apple’s patent reads, according to Newsweek. “To improve the aesthetics of electronic device, it may be desirable for the presence of scratches and dents to be minimized. To help mitigate the number of dents, scratches, or other imperfections in a display cover layer, the display cover layer may include a layer with self-healing properties.

“The self-healing coating may be dented or scratched during operation of the electronic device. However, because of the self-healing properties of the self-healing coating, the self-healing coating may return to its original shape and the dents and scratches may be removed.”

The “self-healing” screens could apparently be triggered by heat, light, or electricity. In essence, the healing would be triggered by the phone and could be done while your phone was charging.

Is it a great concept? Absolutely.

Will it happen anytime soon? We wouldn’t hold our breath, but we certainly look forward to the day when cracked screens is a thing of the past.

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