The 10 Celebrities Who Have Used Dating Apps

Online dating apps are quite popular, aren’t they? Almost everyone is using it. Though it can be a disaster, yet most people use it. If you are happy with just dating, then it’s worth trying them. Even celebrities are now quite concerned about online dating and there are plenty of celebrities who are using these insanely popular dating apps like tinder and bumble.

Here’s the list of celebrities who have admitted to using dating apps.

1. Lizzo

The singer and songwriter who had reported about having men in the DM in 2017 is now well known to use the dating apps. Her appearance on Busy Tonight marked her saying that she had a profile on the dating application Raya. 

Besides, she has also admitted that being on such applications prove to be fun because it helps her in screening. Internet dating is proving to be a fun part of her life. Regardless of the frequency of using the dating apps, she has stated that everything seems to be quite addicting.

2. Laverne Cox

Most of us have already seen orange is the new black and by now everyone knows her on Instagram. So, if you are inclined more to know about her, you can also have a look at her Tinder account. 

She honestly thinks that she is the Tinder girl and when she broke up with her ex, she went back on Tinder for finding the new date. She finds no reason to hide it and like some other applications; she finds using Tinder is quite cool. 

3. Hillary Duff

Hilary Duff is no longer using online dating apps. However, earlier, she was well known for her online dating and she got her partner for the wedding on the Tinder dating app. 

If you go to the Tinder account, you can see how they had already dated for a long time on Tinder in 2015 music video that had the title “sparks”. She had shown how Tinder worked wonderfully for her and in this way she became an inspirational figure for other people to use Tinder. 

Besides, before getting her new husband Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff was using Tinder for a longer time and on the radio interview, she had mentioned that using Tinder had been successful for her life. 

4. Channing Tatum

Right after his break up with singer Jessie J, Channing Tatum started using Raya. Besides, he has stated in the US weekly that how he used to be a stripper. However, with that, he had mentioned shrug emoji. 

Besides, you can also see highlights of the profile song brown sugar by D’Angelo. Besides, he also went on saying that she had always been looking for a serious date and had met most people through work.

5. Sharon Stone

During her career, she has attempted to join bumble. But, according to the findings of the basic instinct star, the profile faced suspension because many people started thinking that it was fake. 

In an interview, she has marked that she went to use the bumble dating app for finding some compatible partners. But, unfortunately, it only faced the consequence of being shut down. Some users had reported that it wasn’t the original star who was using it. 

The 61-year-old actress went on tweeting that what makes bumble so ill in terms of its terms and conditions. For no reason, they had shut her profile forever. 

6. Ben Affleck

First of all, the news highlights came up with the revelation that Ben Affleck was using Raya. The report was placed by page 6 where the goodwill hunting star mark his confirmation on Instagram that he was looking for the compatible partner again by using the dating site. 

He has firmly confirmed that he was dating and he was being serious for the moment while talking about something important in his life. Besides, he has also mentioned that he was in a part of recovery for the year and some part of it was also helping out him to achieve his goals. 

7. Demi Lovato

In her 2017 documentary, simply complicated, Demi Lovato had mentioned how using the dating apps  for connecting both to men and women has become an important part in her life. 

She has also gone on saying that she is open to building human connections and gender doesn’t matter to her. Be it a male or female, she is just looking for the most compatible partner and she hopes for getting it via the online dating applications. 

8. Katy Perry

The pop star Katy Perry had a very deep profile on Tinder. She also said that she always wants some time for swiping through online dating apps. After Katy Perry called off seeing the film musician John Mayer anymore in 2014, she started responding perfectly when she was asked if she was single or not. 

There, she had mentioned at the breakfast club that she is happy being glued to Tinder and so she doesn’t waste too much time on other things.

9. Zac Efron

If you wish to make the high school dreams come true, it’s worth giving a try to the high school musical album. The remarkable part is that Zac Efron is on Tinder and if you swipe through the profile, you can see that something is amazing about it. 

He went on saying in an interview that when he signed up for Tinder, nobody wanted to be interested in him. Besides, he had also told the British newspaper, the times 2016 that most people used to think that the profile was fake. 

10. Chelsea handler

When asked about how she feels about the dating applications, she had her quick answer in the way that she was excited enough being on all those applications. Besides, she also continued saying that she loves hooking up. 

So, she goes to London on New York and roams around in the town and does whatever she wants. Besides, she has also stated that she is on Tinder and loves swiping there like a regular person. 

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