5 Tips to Write a College Essay that Hooks Your Reader

Undoubtedly, all students have to deal with essay writing. However, many fail to make it interesting and exciting. Moreover, very often, students write so boring essays that the professor as a reader wants to put it aside after the first two lines. Don’t want this to happen again? Start writing exciting essays! Ahead of your question, “How to do this?”, we will tell you all the writing secrets that we know ourselves. Read on!

  1. Come up with an Interesting Title

A lot depends on the title of the work because this is the first thing that readers look at. The title of the essay reflects the essence of the whole work, its main zest, idea. The title should show what is interesting in the work, why read it. Therefore, it must be thought over very carefully, and not write the first thing that comes across. And God forbid you to write “draft” in parentheses! Many will not read such works and immediately take it aside without any second chances because the essay will seem unfinished, ill-considered, and the impression is blurred.

First and foremost, when coming up with a name for a job, you must refer to your own feelings. Recall what feelings you experienced while writing it, which moments made you worry and which ones will make the reader think about the meaning. What do you want to convey to your readers? What’s the point to convey? What are the most important points in your work? Remembering all this, you can decide what is most important in your essay. This will be the title. Those very few words that fully convey the whole idea of ​​your work.

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  1. Start with a Quote or Proverb

The words of famous people or folk wisdom always attract attention. Well-known magazines usually start articles and interviews with a quote that immediately reveals the writer’s out-of-the-box thinking. It always grabs attention.

  1. Keep the Intrigue

If the reader nevertheless decided to continue reading your essay after studying the title, do not rush to rejoice too much. It is at the beginning of the text that each sentence should arouse interest and enhance the intrigue. Otherwise, the reader will get bored and he/she will stop reading. Make the first sentences as rich as possible, but at the same time unsaid. Motivate the reader to continue reading by holding his/her attention and engaging with vivid phrases. Remember that it is the beginning of the article that should emphasize the value of the entire text, but at the same time, it should contain only questions or emphasis on the issue of interest to the reader. Only then can you keep the reader’s attention.

  1. Show Uniqueness through the “Author’s Voice” Technique

Readers love stories told by interesting, unusual people. It is the first line that helps to understand if this is so. The author’s voice is a special vocabulary, intonation, and the construction of phrases used by the narrator. The author’s voice helps the imagination to instantly draw the wonderful world of the essay.

  1. Add “Liveliness” to the Text

The explanations and facts given in the text should not be formulaic and plain. 

To make the text expressive:

  • use clear analogies;
  • draw parallels between the facts (“You must have noticed that …”);
  • point out the connection between the theses and the recommendations (“Sleep increases the level of leptin in the blood, so proper 8-hour rest is a mandatory element of a weight loss program).

This approach, by the way, immediately increases the uniqueness of the text but requires the application of the laws of logic and knowledge of the topic.

If a person is interested in a topic, this is probably not the first article read: try to establish a connection between the already existing knowledge of the reader and new information. To do this, you need to unobtrusively explain these concepts and correctly distribute them in the structure of the text. An interesting explanation and a fresh look will attract even the attention of a specialist, not to mention newcomers to the topic. Here everything also depends on the knowledge of the topic.

Summing up

The reader needs 10-20 seconds to decide whether to read the essay further. The average “attention window” when reading is no more than that of a goldfish – about eight seconds. To stay engaged, interest needs to be fueled constantly. And it’s not always about what you write about – it’s much more important how you do it. That is why you need all the techniques listed above. Try them and see how your grades will be improved. 

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