Craig Sager’s Son Says Black Lives Matter Movement Made NBA ‘Whack’

Craig Sager II, the son of legendary NBA reporter Craig Sager, went on a bizarre rant late Thursday night where he blasted the league and hinted that the Black Lives Matter movement could be damaging the NBA’s stance across the globe.

Sager fired off a series of tweets which began with an eyebrow-raising comment that invoked his father’s name.

“The NBA is whack and it has nothing to do with my dad being dead & everything to do with black lives matter,” he tweeted. He added: “Last time I checked it [basketball] was a global game.

“I’m not afraid of twitter. Go ahead. Cancel me.”

One of the people who was quick to comment on Sager’s tweet was his sister, Kacy.

“You haven’t watched the NBA in years, Craig,” she replied. “Why pop back in now just to spew this nonsense? What does this even mean? And why drag Dad into it?”

Sager had served as a replacement sideline reporter for his father who was battling acute myeloid leukemia and undergoing bone marrow transplants before his death in December 2016. Sager was a donor for his father but later revealed that there were deeper family issues with his father leaving him and his sisters out of the will.

Hopefully whatever is going on in the Sager family’s personal lives can be addressed outside of the public eye.

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