Apartment after Reconstruction: Tips to Facilitate Moving Into It

Renovation works in an apartment are always long-awaited. After hours spent with designers during the planning and looking forward to seeing the final result, there are still a lot of things to take care of before moving back in. With proper planning, you can considerably facilitate this process and won’t waste too much time. Read on to find out useful tips.

Preparing an Apartment

No matter how careful your sub-contractors have been, after reconstruction, there will be a lot of cleaning. Of course, you can ask for a day off and devote it to your newly decorated apartment. But is this going to be an effective solution? It is always better to deal with matters you are professional in. Therefore, devote your day to work and order the construction cleanup service in Spokane or another city. Let professional cleaning specialists take care of your apartment. There will be enough matters to take care of later.

The next step is to come to the place and check everything that has to be in the working condition. Make sure that all the necessary electrical connections are really connected, and you won’t spend the first night with candles. Unless you are too romantic. Check all the taps and other equipment. Then, proceed to the next step.

Effective Packing & Unpacking

When your dwelling is clean and waiting for you to come back, it is time to pack all of your belongings. Do not forget to sort items according to the rooms where they have to be placed, make notes on the boxes. Bring boxes for bedrooms first, while those with stuff for the kitchen and hall should be brought in later. In this way, there will be no piles of boxes.

Besides, some items are the most necessary upon arrival. That is why they have to be packed separately and be the first ones to unpack. Here they are:

  • For an apartment: New light bulbs and flashlight, garbage bags, batteries, extension cords, a basic set of tools if you need to reassemble furniture, etc.
  • For your comfort: Towels, shampoo, and everything you need in the bathroom should be then unpacked.
  • Kitchen equipment and dishware: In several hours of unpacking, you will need to eat something and even celebrate your coming back to your apartment.

Kids & Pets

No matter how old your kid is, it is better to ask someone to babysit little ones and your pets until your apartment is ready. First of all, this can be dangerous, as tools and sharp items can be easily accessed in the process of unpacking. However, if there is no one to help with kids, make sure that the room is ready before they come back, and their favorite toys and books are ready to entertain them. Watch kids in turns, and do not forget to buy the food for your pets.

In general, the better you plan your move, the less stress it will bring. Good luck, and enjoy your new life in a redecorated apartment.

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