Instagram Battles Tik Tok With New ‘Reels’ App

Instagram launches a new feature titled ‘Reels’ and it’s strikingly similar to Tik Tok. This new feature will give users the option to make short music-based videos and upload them directly to Instagram. Reels is available now in 50 countries including the US, the UK, India, Brazil and Japan.

The timing of this release is anything but coincidental. With President Trump threatening to ban Tik Tok in the U.S., Reels might take over as the new viral video app.

This isn’t the first time Facebook (who owns Instagram) has tried to copy Tik Tok. An app called ‘Lasso’ was released back in 2018 and survived two years before being pulled. Their first attempt at rivaling Tik Tok was noticeably weak; the app pulled hardly anyone in during its short run. However, Facebook is confident that Reels will achieve what Lasso failed to accomplish. Instagram is banking on the fact that most people already use Instagram. Reels will be 100% integrated into the app itself, meaning users can make reels straight from Instagram. 

Instagram spent years copying Snapchat until they finally got it right; Instagram Stories are now a huge success. It’s clear that Facebook is willing to try over and over again until they succeed.

Now that they have their sights on Tik Tok, it could be only a matter of time before Instagram wins. Tik Tok has issued no statement regarding Reels so far.



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