Top 10 Best Episodes of Family Guy

Family Guy is one of the greatest animated sitcoms in history. This beloved adult cartoon became so popular that it escaped years of cancellation to continue airing for many more years. Like The Simpsons, this show has declined in quality over time, but there are still plenty of episodes that show how great it can be. For this reason, we’re looking at the Top 10 Best Episodes of Family Guy.

(Spoilers and Mature Content Ahead!)

10. Road to the Multiverse

family guy road to the multiverse


Family Guy is at its best when it enters sci-fi territory, and the writers went nuts with this classic episode. Stewie takes Brian on a trip through the multiverse with his latest invention, and the different worlds they travel to are a delight to behold. There’s a world without Christianity, a world drawn by Disney, a world ruled by dogs, and even one where everyone has to go Number Two at the exact same time. The comedic possibilities are endless, and the show successfully took advantage of them.