Joey Chestnut Says He Ate 90 Pounds of Hot Dogs in Quarantine

Let’s be honest: quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic took its toll on us all. We may have gained weight, we were definitely extremely bored, but we were not Joey Chestnut.

The competitive eating legend and hot dog eating hero was locked up like the rest of us, but he used his boredom and love of food to train for the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition.

And if you thought you ate a lot during quarantine, you have nothing on Chestnut.

According to the 12-time champion, he ate at least 90 pounds of weiners during his own isolation.

“Nathan’s shipped me out 90 pounds. I definitely had 90 pounds. They’re gone. I had to buy some more on my own,” Chestnut told the New York Post. “During the first couple months of the virus, I was eating like garbage, and not in a competitive way. I was taking advantage of Uber Eats. I would order food, they would drop it off at the door thinking it’s five people, and it’s just me. They look at me funny.

“It’s a weird double-edged sword: I love to eat, and I’m happy being a little bit heavier, like 250 to 260, but I start losing contests. I really do work out and diet so I can eat more when I have to. I believe that if it wasn’t for competitive eating, I would be a heavier person.”

This year, the Fourth of July tradition will go on as planned but it will take place at a private location.

The event generally draws thousands of fans and viewers to Coney Island each year.

In addition to the secret location, the event will be held without fans and there will be 1/3 of the usual amount of competitors in order to ensure social distancing, according to TMZ Sports. However, competitive eating icon Joey Chestnut is still expected to participate as he aims to break his own record of 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

All competitors will be tested for COVID-19 prior to the competition, while all staffers will be required to wear masks and gloves.

As an added bonus, Major League Eating and the competitors will be donating to local food banks and will take time to honor essential workers who have been battling the pandemic on the front lines.

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