Mississippi Governor Signs Bill to Retire State Flag With Confederate Symbol

Mississippi will officially be retiring its state flag. After the state House and Senate passed legislation over the weekend to replace the flag which features the Confederate symbol, Republican Governor Tate Reeves officially signed the bill into law.

Mississippi was the only remaining state flag to feature the Confederate insignia.

“This is not a political moment to me, but a solemn occasion to lead our Mississippi family to come together to be reconciled and to move on,” Reeves said before signing the legislation into law, via CNN.com.

“I know there are people of goodwill who are not happy to see this flag changed. They fear a chain reaction of events erasing our history — a history that is no doubt complicated and imperfect. I understand those concerns and am determined to protect Mississippi from that dangerous outcome.”


The state House passed the legislation by a 91-23 vote, while the state Senate passed the law with a 37-14 vote earlier this month.

The flag has long been controversial because of the Confederate battle symbol, and with protests across the nation against systemic racism and social inequality, the time was now to make a positive step forward. As for what the new flag will look like, it will be the decision of state residents.

Immediately replacing the controversial flag will be a flag that is designed without the Confederate battle emblem in its corner. It will also feature the phrase “In God, We Trust” before a new design is voted on in November.

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