The Most Famous Online Payment Methods in Finland

Finland’s era of the digital revolution regarding its online payments can only be described using two words – ‘cashless revolution’, due to the advent of mobile and card payments replacing any options for cash payments. By the way, you can visit to get more information about the mobile payments. 

When the research was done throughout Europe, studies concluded that a total of just over T76% of payments were made using cash in the rest of the European regions, but Finland had the complete opposite results, where their population was proud to accomplish the status of having almost 80% of payments made via online or debit cards.

With a GDP of nearly $244,900,000,000 and ranked at number 62 in all the countries, secure payment options is something that comes naturally to this region.

If you break the existing options down separately you can find that out of a population of 5.6 million people:

  • 25% of the population uses Credit cards
  • 56% use prepaid cards
  • About 12% use Mobile Payment options
  • Only 1% of the population use bank transfers
  • And the remaining 5-6% use e-wallets.

Suffice to say, they have a few good options to choose from. Let’s take a look at the specifics and famous online payment choices being used by the Finns in either their general purchasing decisions or when they’re on one of the online casinos.


There are a few reasons why these two are on the top of the famous list amongst the Finnish people. Not only are they two of the world’s most recognized forms of online payments, but Mastercard itself can handle up to 150 different currencies and is accepted in almost 35 million locations in 210 countries.

VISA for that matter, is just as famous with its cards being accepted in almost 170 countries and counting. In terms of online security, these two cards are unmatched by any rivals and have a multi-layered approach to its user’s security. Plus, they have a contactless option, known to be amongst the lowest at risk of fraud.

Both their innovations make them one of the best and most popular choices for many.


This is second in the line of popularity and has been the online payment of choice for people since forever. Not only does it have 149 million active accounts in just over 200 countries, but it also supports 26 different types of currencies. With this method, one can shop online, transfer money, get paid, make secure transactions in a secure environment without having their personal information at risk. A similar option to PayPal is SKRILL, which also allows you to instantly access your funds using a debit card. You create an account and deposit the funds into it (also known as a wallet).


It is a secure online payment option that allows you to log into your online banking account without having to steer away from the site your own. It is convenient because you do not need a card to make an online payment. It is supported by over 40 providers and is available as a payment option in Finland and 28 other countries. Plus, there is no complicated coding involved, you can add it via plug-in on any e-commerce website.  This is one of the many forms that use two-factor security authentication as an added precaution.


A form of e-wallet that comes with three options, you can pay via a contactless method, on a desktop or in-app and can store both debit or credit card details in the e-wallet, and comes with a secure fingerprint or facial recognition scanning technology with it.

In essence, the payment methods are still VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or MASTER CARD. The difference is that Apple pay acts as a wallet that works in conjunction with these cards, and the details of any of them are stored inside the wallet. It is available in 50 countries.

It has been noted that e-wallets have taken over cards by a long-shot, and become one of the famous methods used globally. 10 years ago, it was projected that about $290+ billion was processed through all the e-wallet outgoings throughout the world.

A lot of the online gambling websites offer a choice of different methods that you can use to deposit or transfer your winnings. Credit cards and Debit cards, E-Wallets, and Bank Transfers remain options on a lot of websites. 

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