A Single Woman’s Ultimate Packing List for a Perfect Vacation

Going on a solo vacation? That can be such an exciting opportunity to meet new people, have a ton of fun, do things you’ve never done before and most importantly – get to know yourself better.

So, what exactly should you pack for the perfect trip?

We’ve broken it down into several essential lists so that you wouldn’t have to spend a ton of time contemplating what to bring with you and what to leave home.

Pampering Yourself

Personal hygiene and care items are a great choice for a solo vacation, as they’ll give you a chance to relax and slow down after a long day of exploration or a long night of fun.

Some of the personal care essentials you need to pack, especially if you don’t like using hotel shampoo and soap include:

  • Travel-size shampoo bottle
  • Travel-size shower gel
  • Conditioner and/or hair mask (again – choose a travel-size container for added convenience)
  • Cotton buds
  • Makeup remover pads or wipes
  • Your favorite makeup items
  • Micellar water or another form of cleanser
  • Bandaids and some kind of antiseptic
  • Pads and/or tampons (depending on whether you’re expecting your period)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Bug repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Deodorant

There are special kits sold in most beauty stores that feature travel-sized bottles. These are a great choice as you can pour a little bit of your favorite product without having to bring the entire thing on your trip.

Carry-on Bag Essentials

There are strict rules when it comes to the size of a carry-on bag and what it can contain. This is why you need to put only travel essentials in the piece of luggage you plan to take on the airplane with you.

A list of the essentials you should be having in the carry-on bag includes the following:

  • Your passport, ticket and any other travel-related documentation (preferably all in a file or a folder for easy access)
  • Medical insurance, especially if you’re traveling abroad
  • Your medications with their prescriptions
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Your wallet
  • Earbuds and/or some form of entertainment (an ebook reader, a tablet)
  • Valuables like expensive jewelry and a camera
  • Eyeglasses
  • A small container of deodorant, chapstick, hand sanitizer, mouthwash (depending on the duration of your flight/trip)
  • A collapsible water bottle with a filter you can fill at any time
  • Some spare clothing (a light cardigan, a hat, etc.)
  • Disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer

Planning Your Clothing


Seasoned travelers know that most people tend to bring way too many items of clothing to a trip.

Depending on the duration of your vacation and the season, clothes and shoes will make up the most of your luggage. This is why you have to pack carefully. Make sure you have clothing for all possible weather conditions but don’t go overboard if you’re not looking forward to having to deal with five large trunks of luggage.

If you’re about to have a seaside vacation, for example, you should consider packing the following clothing items:

  • Four to five tops
  • A sweater or a cardigan for those evenings
  • A couple of dresses
  • Four to five skirts and/or shorts
  • A sufficient number of underwear pairs (depending on the length of your stay)
  • Two swimsuits – wear one, wash it, let it dry and wear the other one the next day
  • One or two beach kaftans or light cover-ups
  • One set of PJs
  • Two pairs of sandals/shoes
  • One pair of flip-flops

That’s more than enough to give you diversity and make you feel comfortable throughout the stay. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to bring more but these clothing items will be more than enough for a seven-day trip.

Fun Stuff to Bring on the Trip


Now we’re getting down to the fun stuff.

You’re already done thinking about your trip essentials. It’s now time to start thinking about the fun stuff you can bring on the trip to make it a ton more fun.

Here are some exciting suggestions but obviously, you should bring fun stuff based on your personality and your individual needs.

– Favorite music, movies or video games you like to play in your spare time
– Some light reading for the beach or the lounge like magazines and romance novels (or whatever tickles your fancy)
– Condoms – you should always be prepared for a safe night of fun and you shouldn’t leave protection in the hands of a potential partner
– A small bullet vibe – for a bit of solo fun or to make things even hotter with a potential vacation fling
– A travel journal if you’d like to record your experiences and all the fun stuff you’ve done on your solo trip
– Workout clothes if you plan to go for a morning run or you’re interested in making the most of your hotel’s gym
– A laptop, especially if you’re going to be spending more time at your destination and you need to research sightseeing ideas or other suggestions for having a great time (restaurants and clubs to visit, best shopping opportunities, spas, etc.)

That’s it! You’re now just left with determining what kind of bag or suitcase would be most practical for your trip.

It’s always best to go for one larger piece of luggage. As a solo traveler, you’ll have to deal with it yourself, so don’t go overboard.

A hard suitcase is a great choice because it will protect the items inside (if it doesn’t have a padlock – do get one!). in addition, a hard suitcase allows you to make the most of the internal space by properly folding and rolling stuff.

Do choose a suitcase with a telescopic handle and wheels. While most are equipped with these basic essentials, don’t take their availability for granted if you’re shopping for a suitcase right now.

As far as your carry-on goes, a backpack is typically the most practical and convenient choice. If you want easy access to your documents, a messenger bag would be another great idea.

Obviously, all of these are just pointers and you should consider your own destination and individual needs. Doing a bit of preliminary thinking, however, can help you make sure you’ve brought everything essential without burdening yourself with too much useless stuff.

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