Sony Teases Brand-New PlayStation 5 Menu Screen

Matt McLaurin, the Vice President of User Experience Design for Playstation, revealed new information regarding the PS5’s menu screen on his LinkedIn account. According to McLaurin, the PS5’s menu is completely different than the PS4 and offers lots of new features.

On Monday, June 15, McLaurin answered a few comments he had received on his LinkedIn page regarding the PS5’s menu. He said the new menu was a “100% overhaul” from the PS4’s menu. He also revealed that the new menu was more “pragmatic”, most likely meaning that it will be easier to use and navigate.

McLaurin’s little hints never went into much detail, but what he said matched up with earlier statements and images released about the PS5.

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Earlier this year, several PS5 menu design patents from 2017 were discovered and leaked online.

While these patents are by no means finished results, they do offer some interesting details about what the menu could do. Some of these details include more sub-categorization for games and a system that offers aid to struggling players by analyzing the game.

One of the most promising features from these patents is the addition of menus unique to each game. This would allow the player to access specific game modes without even having to load the game itself. This leak matched up with comments from the PS5’s Lead Console Designer Mark Cerny, who mentioned a user interface that allows players to see what’s going on in the game before loading it.

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