Ex-Miss Hitler Beauty Pageant Contestant Jailed For Part in Neo-Nazi Terror Group

File this one under: “well, obviously.” Alice Cutter, a 24-year-old former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant, was jailed along with three others for being part of a banned neo-Nazi terrorist group. Cutter was arrested alongside her partner, 25-year-old Mark Jones, and two other; 24-year-old Garry Jack and 19-year-old Connor Scothern, according to BBC News.

When competing in the Miss Hitler beauty contest, Cutter competed as “Buchenwald Princess” which referenced a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

Cutter was jailed for three years, while Jones received five-and-a-half years. Jack received a four-year sentence, and Scothern received 18 months.

The group the four neo-Nazis belonged to was National Action. The group was branded as “racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic” by former U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd before it was banned.

According to Sky News, Judge Paul Farrer said, “Following proscription [of National Action], you weren’t prepared to dissociate yourselves from the vile ideology of this group and therefore defied the ban and continued as members.”

The report adds Cutter was a “trusted confidante” of one of the group’s leaders and in a “committed relationship” with Jones, who had a “significant role in the continuation of the organization.”

A fifth man, 28-year-old Daniel Ward, was sentenced to jail for three years after pleading guilty to being a member of National Action.

A look at the mugshots of those who were arrested can be seen below:

Alice Cutter and Mark Jones (West Midlands Police) (L-R) Garry Jack, Connor Scothern and Daniel Ward (West Midlands Police)

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