Oregon State Football: Rocco Carley Cut After Racist Rant Surfaces (AUDIO)

The Oregon State football program has parted ways with tight end Rocco Carley. The news comes shortly after a troubling audio clip surfaced with the voice of Carley going on an incredibly vile, racist rant.

During the rant, Carley says he wants to see “all those n*ggers in a chamber and burning the sh*t out of them.” He added, “I hate all them godd*mn n*ggers.” In addition, Carley said that he wants all Muslims and all homosexuals to be killed.

Oregon State head coach Jonathan Smith said he shared the video with athletic director Scott Barnes before making the decision to cut Carley from the team.

“We both agreed this language and attitude is entirely unacceptable, regardless of circumstances or environment,” Smith said, via TMZ Sports. “I spoke with Rocco and dismissed him from the team. I will not tolerate racism or hate speech.”

You can listen to Carley’s rant below.

WARNING: Video contains NSFW language.

Some of Carley’s teammates immediately responded to the audio. Beavers defensive back Jaydon Grant wrote on Twitter: “Damn bra all that hate in your heart for what?? You are my teammate somebody who I have to go to battle with, somebody who I would put my body on the line for… SMFH that’s a damn SHAME.”

Shortly after the backlash began, Carley took to social media to apologize for the audio which he claims was recorded three years ago.

“To my family, my community, and everyone I have associated with, I am sorry,” Carley wrote. “This video was taken about 3 years ago in a groupchat where me and my friends were saying stupid things.  This does not condone anything of what I have said, but I promise to you all that this video does not represent me.  I was doing an accent of a Southern man and giving a very satire example of what we all thought would be funny.  This in no way shape or form makes what I said right.  I am truthfully sorry to everyone I have hurt and offended, and I understand that I have not represented me or my family in any positive way during this situation.

“To all of my brothers, teammates and everyone of color that I have associated with, I hope that you know me well enough to know I am in no way shape or form a racist.  Again, I apologize, and I could not be more ashamed of my actions.”

Unfortunately for Carley, who was a redshirt freshman, he is now paying the price and being held accountable for his actions, and his apology was too little, too late.

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