Artificial Intelligence is Creeping into Our Everyday Lives without Us Even Realizing It

A lot of new technology seems to come from nowhere before taking the world by storm. In 2017, people suddenly woke up to the live-streaming revolution, despite the fact that the technology had been in use on Twitch and at online casinos for around five years prior to Facebook turning it mainstream. The same thing is already happening with artificial intelligence. The complex algorithms that are able to self-learn have already permeated various sectors, and a world in which AI is ubiquitous is just around the corner.

Online Casinos Leading the Way Again

As tends to happen with most major technological developments, the online casino industry has quickly adopted AI and thought up ways to implement it. Reputable sources within the industry have reported that it will initially be used as a way to enhance the customer service experience  by analyzing customer habits and reacting accordingly. This means that the software will push players to the games that they are interested in and hide offerings that won’t appeal.

This streamlined approach to interactivity will be everywhere in the years ahead, especially in the entertainment industry. With the seemingly endless amount of content to choose from in the gaming and television sectors, players and viewers can’t afford to waste time searching for something that may allure them. Algorithms and AI are already doing some of this hard work for us without our even realizing it.

Household Appliances are Enhanced With AI

AI has slowly worked its way into our everyday existence with its use in appliances found around the home. One of the most obvious and popular examples of AI is Amazon Alexa , which can be used for a variety of things from selecting music to setting timers. The technology is constantly collecting data from its users in order to provide them with an experience perfectly tailored to their needs.

AI is being used in other devices around the house to good effect as well. Most current-generation smart TVs are now being built to include AI technology that helps viewers see the options that appeal to them. It controls the voice search function on magic remotes and can find and play content almost instantly.

What Could Be the Next Big Development?

The next step is for interconnectivity between the devices in the home, with them all being controlled by the same AI unit. This will bring about the rise of smart homes , where various aspects of living will be controlled by the computer. Along with providing perfect entertainment preferences, it will learn to switch lights on and off when people enter and leave rooms, lock and unlock doors, and regulate the temperature.

While AI may be less apparent in the entertainment sector with gaming and TV choices, it will become more obvious when it starts to control every aspect of people’s waking lives. Smart houses are just around the corner, along with autonomous cars that do the driving for us. AI is slowly creeping into our lives and will be everywhere before we know it.

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